Been a while

Things have been good but not so good here. Moms is having lots of healing crisis go on. (its where you feel like you have a bad flu, but you dont) She is healing up though! We had a death in the family, and our furnace broke where we rent too. So there has been lots going on so I have not been on so much.

I saw my vet a few times since we been on too, and she says I am doing really good. I practice my standing lots at home, a bit of walking practice too. Not in my walker, i still hate that thing. I still do my loopy too. My flexors are getting a bit better too, so I can look up sometimes now. Massages are helping them go away a little bit. If you remember we had them all gone until Sept when I met a new person and backtracked on all the good stuff I was doing. I am full of poop again, so mom and Dr Marshall are working on fixing it for me again. You arent missing anything lately cuz our winters are so cold and with lots of pressure making my ears do weird stuff, so most days I am too dizzy from my ear fluid stuffs to do too much.

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