Start of summer 2019 update

takin some selfies

Its been a long long time! I get my diaree back though now mom said. Booster wants one of his own too but I told him he cant cuz its just a Merida thing. Heehee!

I have been going outside now and playing when its not too hot, and I saw my vet the other day and she said I am doing so good. They even taked my blood from me! They can be vampries sometimes. I learned all about vampires when mommy and me had all of our long down time. We watched vampire shows and movies and she told me all about them, I just never knew my vet was a vampire!!! i remember she stoled my blood a few times before! So this time fur my blood taking I wasn’t having it! I fighted, but they won this time…

Oh and mom says I cannot snap cat. But I told her that everyone has the snap cat and I should too! We should bug her about this and maybe then I can one day have the snap cat app too! (oops mom says its snap chat. I like snap cat better!)

Now its time fur a afternoon catnap, but I wanted to write a diaree to get started on working on my spelling and stuff again. It has just been so long!

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