Another year

I know mom said that Mew Years is still a bit away, but I have been so busy and not on much to do my diary and so I wanted to see where I have come this year. I know how it has been real up and down and that is from post concussion we are pretty sure. If I get over stimulated or over tired then I don’t heal and go backwards.

This year we had too much stress and loud sounds at the condo where we lived before. Mom had asked the lady doing renovations if we could get some notice so we could plan fur a hotel or a safe place for us kids and the lady did not listen. So we were all so stressed out and all got sick from it. I was doing real good and then not so good cuz of the renovations with all the loud noises and it was scary cuz we all had no safe place to hide. So mom and dad tried and tried to move us away from it. It took too long and Knigget got too sick from the stress. He moved with us, but only lived a month after. We miss him lots here.

So this year I could not do anything until after we moved. We are not connected to anyone now, its still not our house but, we can do a bit more on our own time when we need too. Like get really nice quit naps and not get woken up and startled most times. So I started healing again and I am doing so good now! So here is what I can do by myself now:

  • get to a sit position and start eating my wet food by myself
  • eat my entire dishes of food by myself almost all the time
  • walk three steps by myself without leaning or help
  • stand for 7 minutes by myself leaning against something
  • stand for almost a full minute by myself not leaning against something
  • pounce and land on my feet and stay sitting
  • execute a full cat stretch

Medical stuffs of how I am doing:

  • I have full muscles in my hips and legs that a normal kitty would have
  • my post concussion seems almost all gone, I can focus now
  • my flexors we gone until I met a new person and she went a bit overboard on the luvs
  • better balance
  • less sway and wobbles and eye jitters
  • my muscles are not too tight as much and my bones stay in place
  • I can walk using my paws properly now, i used to criss cross my fronts and keep my back together
  • i can support my whole body weight with my legs, 9.2 lbs
  • way less inflammation now
  • my poops are getting better (my muscles and nerves used to cause me probs with it moving) I had so many enemas and nothing would fix the problem but mom and Dr.Marshall got it all figured out fur me
  • less ear fluid cuz mom and Dr.Marshall figured it all out and how to fix it (lymphatic stuff)


Medically I am still dizzy and healing. That is from my neck, ear muscles, and nerves in there causing fake messages and telling lies to my brain. Time and treatment will get that sorted out though. Its called sternomastoid syndrome.


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