Regular update!

This week has been full of interesting stuff. I got to see my vet and she fixed me up more after the crazy stuff that happened to me just from getting pets from a new person. She figured out my ear fluid too! My lymph system is backed up from my muscles. So its nothing serious or dangerous. Purr-ah!
Mom gived me a special place on the couch top i can see out our big window and watch BIRDIES! I can sit there like a big girl with mom beside me all by myself fur a really long time. Mom was amewsed.
We did loopy and massage today. Mom even did the touches to drain my lymph stuff. It makes me a bit dizzy cuz the fluid is gone and then my brain goes AHHHH CANT FIND CENTER!! So i get dizzy fur a bit and my brain gets more normal thinking. Its hard to explain fur me. Mom explains it better. “Once the fluid has drained, her brain recieves the message that she is not being weighed down or pulled to one side and it has to try and realign her balance of what it thinks normal is. Part of her issue is that her brain to balance messages are being miscommunicated from the nerves and muscles”
Yeah what mom said. MOL!! I just know i feel better after a bit and mom took me walking fur as much as she could and she says it was REALLY REALLY good walking! Straight and not much sways.
I see a mousey staring at me. I should go beat him up. It feels like playtime!

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