People made me cry

Today mom let me go on while she rested. I saw someone shared my video. I was happy to see a share, cuz I dont get many shares. But then i saw it and read it and i cried. Just like people i dont like when people make fun of me or say bad things about me. So i cried.
Mom came to me and gived me her fluffy kitty blankey and put me in it. She hugged and kissed me and told me that not everybody is gonna like me or her for saving me. She said sometimes people just dont get it and dont want too and thats why i she said i could share with everyone what I do and how i do it. So that maybe some people who didnt know cats like me could understand i am just as cool as all the other cats out there. Mom told me that its ok fur peoples to have different ideas and the peoples who say bad things are just ignorant. She also said i am a very cool cat and just to keep being myselfs. Then she gived me a kiss on the nose and a head rub and massage.
Moms always make everything better! ❤️
Thank yous to you all fur following me and helping me stay strong while i keep working at getting better. Xoxo

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