Vets and more

I saw my vet the other day. Dr. Marshall is so pawesome! She fixed me all up real good. Her and mommy talked about a MRI thingy to do on me so we can maybe see why I have ear fluid going on, and why it gets bigger and smaller when I move and stuffs. So they are gonna talk more about it. But see the more water I drink then the more ear fluids I get behind my ears. The more ear fluids I have then the more dizzy and icky I feel. SO mom and Dr.Marshall wanna get to the bottom of it if they can decide ill be ok doing it. I think ill be ok to do it.

Mom wants to work on my calendar but she is still having problems so we have to wait she says. I am excited because she takes such good pics of me and I dont get to see them so when we do my calendar and I help I get to see all of them! I choosed some last time fur my last calendar. I wanna do it but we have to wait until mom is not so dizzy and in pains first. Hope that is soon cuz I miss helping mom in the house and stuff.

I am practising my walking lots and getting play time in by myself. Sometimes i like to play by myself anyways. And you all helped me to get my smile back after that person posted the comment about me. So thank yous all fur that! Back to moving on and furgetting about what bad things people can say about me. I am a cool cat and we all know it! MOL

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