Vets and so much more

I got to see my vet this week and she is reeeeeeeeaaaaaal happy about how i am doing. She says i am making new muscles in my hips to control my walking and being steady. So now i dont sway my hips as bad! its still slow going, but mom has told me lots that healing hurts and sometimes it can be very slow until it you find the problems and can fix them. It took a long time to find the problem fur me, but that is ok cuz we are healing it. Mom told me too that nerves get boo boos sometimes and they take a long time to heal and its worse when its inflamed or you have tight muscles pushing on them. I dont get it, but mom knows what she is talkin about MOL. Her and Dr.Marshall talk all the time about that stuffs and me and dad are sooooo lost!

Between moms migraines we do loopy and she gives me such good massages too. They make me feel soooooo good. I need a nap after but i wake up feeling so good! We do one or two loops a day but because my boo boos are old we dont see any big surprises cuz loopy healed those ones already, but it does work to make my muscles all nice like jelly and then i dont have hot spots either. Thats the slow healing parts again. But its still working and i have to heal back to where i was doing good before all the reno noises made me bad again. Thats what happens with concussions, you need lots of quiet and dark naps. Its VERY important! I still have ear fluid and head pressure which mom tries to help with and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt.

Me and mom picked out some pics fur my new calendar too. But she says she has other important stuff to do first before we can work on that more. If she would give me her password i bet i could do it by myself MOL!!

Star is not doing good again cuz she has allergies to her new foods. It is the only foods she can eat with her problems. Mom and Dr.Marshall are working hard to try and figure stuffs out fur her. OH! gotta go! moms calling me cuz its food time!!

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