Mid week blues

It has been so rainy here and cloudy. We had so much thunder, super scary!!

Moms been having ouchies from healing, so have I. Mom says healing hurts but its good fur us.

I loved all the comments on my diary, and I am gonna reply. Mom just wasnt feeling so good to help me turn the computer on.

I gots a new dish. Its real soft so I dont bonk my head off it if I get wobbly while I am eating. I really like it.

I have not been doing so much. I went fur a few tours of the house. I also hid so well mom couldnt find me fur a long time. I was hiding under the printer desk in the way back MOL. I could feel mom was worried so I mewed fur her so she could find me. She is not very good at find Merida in the new place.

Today I scratched my ear ALL BY MYSELF!!! It felt sooooooo good! Mom will do it fur me all the time because I cannot do it on my own. I always miss or lose my balance, but i keep trying. Today i actually did it all by myself with no help. Mom gived me a high paw. I think its all the massages mom gives me and loopy too. Loopy really helps me feel so good. I see Dr.Marshall next week too. I wonder how she will say I am doing? I know my ears are still full sometimes, but nobody knows how to fix that fur me or mom. In time I think mom will figure it out, she is amazing!

Hope next week is better. This rain and healing has made me so tired and bored.

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