Vet update and hot HOT days!

                   I LOVE MY PLAYPEN!!

I saw my vet last week and she says she is real happy with how I am doing on the medisin. We are taking a break from the medisin to see if it is making me a bit more dizzy in the heat since heat makes me dizzy already and so does air pressure. So mom is gone back to herbs and vitamins to see how I do on that fur a bit. I will be back on the medsin again later tho! I am 7lbs and 0.05oz, but I growed a few inches long and so thats why I am not walking as good as before, I have to learn again how to use my hip muscles. Me and mom are working on it again. We got a cost on spays for me too! So mom will have to try and raise the monies so I can get it done.

Its been a hot, hot week! Feeling like 35C (98F) and humid too. Mommy has the AC on, we are very lucky to have it! But the house stays pretty hot, we get sun all evening and afternoon. So when its bedtime its still 27C (81F) in here. The hot makes me dizzy and sleepy so I don’t run and play as much, mostly in the morning now if its cold enough.

Mommy finished making me a cover fur my play pen now, and so I can be inside it when they have to leave the house! No more cat carrier time. They put me away so I stay safe and don’t hurt myself, or get too upset because everyone left me. I get real sad and cry unless I have safety blankey with me when they leave. But now, with play pen I can play or sleep, and look outside like I do when mommy is home. I love it! Mom has such great ideas!

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