I got the spays! Wobbly cats CAN be spayed.

Mom called me FrankenKitty!

Mom told me we raised enough monies so I had no more heats, and that I was gonna be spayeded. She made it seem like this was really grate, and I was real excited!


Home from surgery

Until she left me with strangers, who gived me sleepy stuff and boo boos, and dizzy medsins! THAT… was NOT a good thing! I was so happy to hear mommy on the phone, thats when I knew she didnt leave me and was gonna come and get me. I was so scared to be alone and with lots of peoples I didnt know. They told mom I was a real good girl, the best they have seen and that I am “very brave”. We hear that lots. I am glad thats over! But now i have to wear this stupid pink thing when I go to bed or mom goes out. I HATE that thing! I keep showing mom how much I hate it, but she doesn’t get it.

Its official!                WOBBLY CATS CAN BE SPAYED!!

I am really bored now. Mom wont let me out of my playpen much now, and she took away all my toys except kickaroo… which is boring. She stops me from jumping because i hurted myself when I jumped in my playpen lots. I was bleeding just a little bit and gotted a bump of fluid near my boo boo, mom says I am frustrating? I don’t get it.

We say thank yous all very much, because without you guys I wouldnt have gotted spayeded and mom and the vets are sure this is going to help me 100% with everything. It was even more a big deal because I had sixty ovaries. Oh, wait it says on the papers i had cystic, ovaries. Not sure what that means, but it was a big deal and probably why my heats hurted so much. Its all done with and hopefully soon I can play again!



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