Q&A Update

A picture of my family because we can’t all be nice together. Picture for Chrissy who asked to see a pic of my family. Thank you fur asking Chrissy!

I did a Q&A on my FB page and asked you all to send me questions that I can answer fur you guys. A few of you had some, so I can answer them here and give you an update of all I have been doing, other than singing heat symphonies for mom and dad. MOL!

I have had a lot of play pen time, and I real love it. Mom has all my favourite toys in there for me and sometimes, she just knows when I am sleepy and will put my fuzzy blanket in there for me to kiss and cuddle before I fall asleep.

I have been doing some stairs too. The upstairs is pretty boring to me now, so I like to go exploring. Mom helps me, and I keep telling her I am a big girl but she says if she doesn’t help then I will get hurt. But come ON, I am two now, I don’t need help with everything! geez! Moms are so over protective sometimes and its really annoying!! I love her and all, but I am a big girl.

I tried salmon the other day. I hated it. Its yucky and smells. I think i will stick to turkey as always. I guess I am not really one for change. I like my routine and sometimes a little adventure is ok, but only when I decide so.

The heat has been real bad here, so then I go into heat (the kitty kind). Mom is getting on the spaying thing she says but there is a lot to plan. I told her to just do it, I mean how bad can it be right?

Onto the questions you all asked!

Moira asks: Is Merida able to talk using her tail, like other kitties?

Yep I can, but sometimes I speak mom says. She only understands cat, dog, and human. Sometimes I just get a little confused.

Debra asks: How come the vet you see on a regular basis is not the one who will do your lady gardenectomy?

Mom explained that to me and called the vet, the vet says that due to scheduling where she works.. she just isn’t able to.

Linda asks: The new medicine you’ve been giving Merida, how is it doing & does vet expect more positive results from it?

Mom called the vet for this one too, the vet says that it is doing exceptionally well and she expects to see continued results from it still.

Laurie asks: What is your typical rich filled Merida kitty day like?

I coo at dad when he wakes up at 6am until he pets me before he leaves for work. I play with my toys until 6:30 when I meow and coo until mom wakes up. Mom opens the gate and I squeal in excitement when I see her face because that means we are going to get breakfast!! Mom feeds me my raw turkey and vitamins and medicines. (She thinks I don’t know that she hides it in my food) and then I ask her to help me walk to my playpen. I clean after breakfast and then play with toys and watch birdies out the patio window until its nap time at 9am. At 11am I wake up and let mom know I want to come out for lunch and a potty break. She puts me in the potty and I go and then I hang out an watch some TV, try and chase my siblings until noon. Then I tell mom its lunch time and she walks me to the kitchen where I wait for her to make me some lunch. I eat, and then go exploring with mom walking me around for 30 mins. I clean up, and watch more birds, then ask for play pen time again (which goes with an afternoon nap). I get up at 3 and tell mom I want to come out of my play pen, we walk and do physic stuff, she helps me climb until I get bored of that and then I go climbing and exploring and find my bed with my blanket on it and curl up for a rest or sleep, whichever comes. I rest until dad comes home at 5:30pm and then I try and run to the door and scream for him to get some snuggles. He snuggles me and rubs my tummy, I really love that! I give him lots of kisses and then I hang out until 6pm when its dinner time. Mom gets my food and walks me to it, I eat and then go practice walking and clean up. I practice more walking and pouncing with mom until 7 when I have an early morning nap, and wake up at 9:30pm to go potty. I usually practice walking and get into the potty by myself, some days I am dizzy and tell mom I need her help. Then I play with my toys for a bit until its bedtime snack time at 10:30pm. Mom gets my food and feeds me, and then I clean up and watch TV or have playpen pouncing time. I am SO amped up by this time of day I could play for hours!! I play until 11:30pm when I am starting to nod off and then mom snuggles me in my blanket and takes me downstairs to bed. As soon as we get into the bedroom, I see dad and scream and want to jump and run and go see him. So mom puts me on the bed so I can have my daddy snuggles before bed. I let him rub my tummy and I clean his fingers, hands, and arms so he is clean for bed too. Then mom kisses me and puts me in my bed and puts up the baby gate and pets me until I purr real loud. Then I watch TV through the gate for a bit until I fall asleep. It’s a pretty busy day for me, even though I heard cats have it easy…

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