I am now 2 years old! =^.^=

I am now 2 years old!! THANK YOU ALL FUR THE BIRTHDAY WISHES! I went into heat on my birthday. I really hate heats! I haven’t been doing much other than talking alot and sleeping. It made my birthday a little bit lame. But fur my birthday I got a couple new catnip toys, and crunchy treats that mom thought I wouldn’t like, I sure fooled her! She took me outside in my playpen too, and I got to sit out there and listen and watch the birds for a few hours. It was really great, I do love my play pen alot!


This week I tried stairs again, I been practicing. I climbed the couch with some help and slept up there for the whole afternoon. I also eated the dog lots, and then he slobbered in my ears. YUCKY!! I ran after Star a few times too, but she hissed so we didn’t play. She can be such a cattitude princess sometimes. I sneaked more of the other cats crunchies too, I like them, they taste different. But mom says I have to chew them, I can’t just swallow. Mom nags a lot, doesn’t she?
Mom is trying to raise monies so I can get spayed. I am still not sure what this means, but mom says it will stop the bad heats and I won’t have to worry about them anymore. I like that idea, but she won’t tell me how the heats stop. Please share my PetCaring site

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