Over 4000?!

O my cat! It happened, I am not past 4000 views on my diaree. Thank you all so much! I send whisker kisses to each and every one of you! <3

I saw my Dr and she said I am still doing really good and still can be spayed (even though i dont know what that means yet, but i trust my Dr and mom). They found a vet who will take extra good care of me, and watch over me like his own. We have to wait though for the time and find out how much it will cost, so we have to save up and get donations like always. Mom seems real excited about this, I am not sure why.

I keep sneaking to eat kibble again, mom is getting frustrated with me. MOL! I tell her it cleans my teeth and she says that yes, it does… but it also makes me not hungry when its time fur me to eat my turkey dinner. Teehee =^.^=

Mom and dad finally got me a play pen too! now I can go outside, and be away from the vacuum and dont have to be in another room. I can pounce almost past the top! I get the ball every time now too. It is also good fur naps, and cleaning, and pretty much everything. I love it so much!

My medsin is still doing good too. I am slowly getting better each day! I have been practicing stairs with mommy. I told her that I wanted too do them and there was no way she could talk me out of it. We practice every couple days now, it makes me happy cuz I am like my brudder and sister! I dont know why people think I am different sometimes. I do everything they do! I am also smarter. MOL

My birthday is coming up! I am kinda happy, i turn 2!

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