Playing catchup

I know its been a while, but mom has not been feeling well at all. She was pregnant and then she wasn’t. We all had to help take care of her, even daddy had to stay home and help take care of her! Besides being a physical hard time, its been an emotion one too. So lots of kisses fur mom, and making her laugh. It was Drs orders! She is doing ok but still not all better yet.
My website did die, but a new one came back in its place. One of my real cool aunties is gonna make me a very pretty website, with my favorite colors and pictures and stuffs too. She is sooo super cool! My site is back up now.
We had rain and it made me so dizzy and my head feeled like it would explode! It was so icky, and I forgot how icky rain is. Its no fun and thunder is still scarey. Good thing mommy got me a nice new blankey to keep me safe. Its not my fave color, but it sure is fuzzy and safe!
I don’t know when mom can help me be back online all the time, but as soon as I know I will be real excited to talk to you all again. xoxo
I saw my blog almost has 4000 views, OH MY CAT!!!

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