Finally get to do diaree!

I couldnt do my diaree because we haff had so many storms an rain and floods! So mom said it was ok to pounce onto the computer an do my diaree reel quick before storms move in again.

Mom told me about a poem dat was written by Edgar Allan Poe all about a Raven, because there is a raven who yells at me when we go outside to play an so now I cant go outside much to play because he scares me so bad my body tenses up an i just lay there. I told mom to tell Edgar that nobody should write poems about mean birds or people! She laughed at me…

I was doin heats this week, so I had to pee on the floor an let the boys know I am here. It hurt moms back an neck she said cuz she hadda clean it. She put that diapurr thingy on me again, an I pulled the tabs and yanked it off. I don’t need a diapurr, I am sure she may get the hint sometime soon.
Mom tried to do pikshurs with me a few days ago too, and i RAN. She says she wants them fur some┬ácalendar or something but I hate pikshurs so its not like i am gonna stop and smile fur her. She said she wuz happy with what she got or something… i wasnt listening, I had ants to beat up, and mouse toys to eat.

I haff a Dr app on Monday, so mom is gonna talk to my Dr and see if its ok to share my food recipe. A raw food diet is very special, an it has to be done perfectly, and has to haff the right vitamins and right amounts. A lot of people say it takes lots of monies and mom should buy it offline but her words are “how do i know whats in it with all these recalls?! I make her food so i know whats in it and that she gets what she needs everyday, properly” because I guess people make raw foods online but unless you know the right amounts of stuff, you could be hurting your pets. Pets wiff medical problems need diff stuff too, so it is sort of made just for me, its MeridaMade brand food! MOL

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