Catfacts I haff learned…

I just wantid to share some of the stuffs i have been learning:

Cat facts by Merida

1) When using da potty, DIG DIG DIG! China isn far, so try to dig to China an make sure you make a big BIG mess while you do it!

2) Hairballs are bess to puke at nite. Mommees and daddees step in them and go EWWW. It makes me MOL

3) Pretend you hurted yourself. Limp, or pretend you cant walk, and stuffs when they look at you. Yous get SO much luvs if you do this! Sometimes, even treats!

4) Scream when yous are alone. They come running! When they come running, make sure to purr an roll around reely cute.

5) If yous dont like the food, do a hunger strike. Then, they gives you bettur and new foods.

6) You haff claws fur a reason, so make sure to use them when they are trying to make yous do things yous dont wanna do. They back off quick an yous get to do whatever yous want again!

7) Complain an get them to clean the potty more than one time a day. We dont needa be walkin in the ickies.

8) Scream an yell a few times a day fur nothin. They give you treats an extra luvs

9) You haffa be messy when you eat too. Then maybe one time, be clean. You get treats

10) Try an keep your mommy or daddy on YOUR schedule. Theirs doesn work.

I can tell you, i saw my Dr on Monday an she finks i may be walking this year. She says the akupunksur is doin reel good! I don haff the spazm in my neck no more, or my low back. I also gained muscle tone in my back legs cuz i go outside an mom walks me more. She says it hurts her back an neck but i hurt too, pfffft mom is weak!

We haff so much flooding near where I lives, I needa check in on my furrpal Hector the livershunt cat, cuz he lives where the reel bad floods are, in southern alberta. Our river in edmonton is getting high an we haffa watch it. Mom has emergensee kits just in case, but we live on the high part so we should be ok. But even roads are flooding in the city. I cant go out as much cuz it rains, so I haffa play inside but it SOO borrin! Mom cant work on my auction stuff so we watch cartoons, do walkin, an have playtimez on a stupid blanket. Is really not the same. But she takes me to see the birdees from the bedroom window, they fly SO fast by the window! I am growin my whizkurs back too so my balance is gettin a bit better, not as much circles. Ugh, those make me dizze!

Its food time now, I promised mom if she took me outside before the rain I would finally eet my breakfast. =^.^=

PS – Mom lied. She bought more braclits, so we haff 100 more to support wobbly cat love! She is funny MOL


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