Tornados, tunder, an hail?! OH MY!

We hadda putt off diary because we had tornados yesterday. It was SO scaredy. Loud booms, an bangs. I was shaking so bad, but mom holded me an had me in a blankey to keep me safe.


I was tiny a year ago


Mom is gonna giff me chicken she says an maybe a new mouse! We cant do anything special for my birthday because mom and dad have appointments to see the lawyer and to see some houses that said us pets can come along too and live there. Paws crossed for luck for them today! its ok, i don’t mind because mom said i need to be humble.. an that means not being greedy or spoiled she says.

I am so dizzy an tired an i cant tell mom why. All i know is when i wake up, i am so dizzy! if I lay down its not ad bad, but when me an mom go walkin then i start doin circles with my head, then my eyes do circles too an my tummy feels icky. Its not fun, an i hope it goes away soon, its no fun sleeping all the time! I got stuffs from the Dr for icky tummy an it helps.

Mom made me another catnip sock toy, it crinkles and is full of… CATNIP!! MOL I love those. They are really fun. I think she made it fur me to make up for putting a diaper on me. YEAH, she did… she put a DIAPED on me. I don’t know what she was thinking. What am I? A month old?! Pfff… Even at a month old I could use the potty. I just need to make sure the boys know where I am when I am having heats, its not a big deal.

Did you see my outside videos?! I ask mom every morning after breakfast to go outside. Sometimes I don’t even let her drink her coffee MOL. It is SO much fun out there though! I get to dig, OMC DIGGING IS SOOOO GREAT!! I get to pounce too and it doesn’t hurt as much. I did a hand stand the other day, mom said I held it good. The birds bug me though. We have a really big black bird and he yells at me from really high up. I can’t catch him, so sometimes I yell back. If he ever comes at me, ill eat his feathers! He is so mean doing that and chasing the other birds away. He is SO noisy!

Ohhhhhh yeah, its outside time!!

HAPPY MY BIRTHDAY, download my wallpaper if you want:

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