What a grate week!

I had such a grate week dis week! It was all sunny out, an mom asked my Dr if I coud go outside an pway, an she sed YES! So, mom has been takin me out almoss evuryday now an I get to eet grass, an chayse beez an antz. Yous shood hear da birdeez! SO NOIZEE! I wan to chayse them cuz they flewed rite by my heed. I did a hop an tried to pownse it! Hehe

Mommy is so bizee doin stuffs fur my burfday. She is maykin fings so we can sell them an send monies to more cats like me to get reel help. Some need savin like me, an some juss need a home beefor they get a big sleep. I hopes yous all will reely luv what she is doin! She put calendur on hold, tryin to get pikshurs of me for it an stuffs so she can finish all my burfday stuffs.

I gots a messige from the ownur of Cat’s Relfections, an he asked if he cood do a bio on me. I told mommy an so mommy gotted a hold of him an sended him my bio fur his faysebook page! It seemz mommys awareniss is werkin! She is reedin storeez too of Drs who lissen now when peepuls bring kitteez to them wiff problems an infurmaition. So she smilez more now.

I am haffin heets now too so I am gunna go curl up an haff a nap. Mom sez she will turn on spellchek for my diaree, I dont noe how.

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