Iz diaree day! Horray!

I am gettin to likes dis more an more I fink!
Dis week haz been soooo egg siteing! I gotted new toyz mommy made fur me, i gots some of my old toyz back too! Mom founded my hockee beed ball. I waz SO happy!!!!!! =^.^= We pway ball hockee alotz now, like free or foreĀ  timez a DAY!
Mom said i needa be practisin my spellin a bit more, but i sleeped instead. Practisin is BORRIN! She would come ovur to me an i would clows my eyez an be likez “i be sleepin”. So she would go do udder stuffz MOL.
I haff been gettin to go outside too!!! I luvs to skrash da grass an OMC rolling in da dirtz is WAY fun. Mommy facepaws when i do dat, so i do it all da timez. Hehe. I dont eet much grass, iz not so nommy.
I been makin it to my potty all by myselfz almowst all da time. Sometimez when i haffa go REEL bad o haffa yell to mom to help me gets ther fast!! But mom sayz she is reely prowd of me.
I been tryin to walkz agin. *sigh* iz just so hard an i wanna go NOW to chayse an powns ya know? I am doin good cuz i can do 6 stepz an only fallz on my bum. But… I can eet BY MYSELFZ NOW! I been doin it evuryday now sins my videeoh.
We will haffa see what nex week bringz. Maybee ill be walkin!

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