I been feelin good!!

I gotted my akupunshur done dis week, I did good an had needulz where we never could put dem befor. I laid der and I purred loss, my Dr didn find an owie spot dis time eedur! She sez i am doin good an haff no more in flamez areaz.
Also, mommy haz been takin me outside now evuryday! Iz SO mush fun cuz ders birdeez, an grass, an stickz, an da ball of lite is reely warm. I luvs it so mush! I pownsed today and rolled. Teehee! Mommy said i wuz so covered in grass.
I been doin walkins by myself and eeting by myselfs too! Mommy makes sure I get lossa sleepz, dark and quiet timez, an we don’t pway hard like we used too. She also doesn’t let me bonkz my head on da floor. She sez iz workin! I am so eggsited to be takin some stepz again. FINALLEE!
Mom is sendin out my brayselets tonite fur peepuls who ordered some, an she has been tryin to find what we can do fur my burfday too. My burfday is comin, yayayayaya! I will be ONE yearz old!


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