Lazy Cat Dayz

Me an mom haff been kinda lazy. I haffint been feelin too good, im pretty tired an mommy hurted her back again. Iz pretty bad, she boo boo’d da nervz again an so she getz pancreez pain, gallbladderz pain, an she haz to curl into a ball an ice or heet her backz. Poor mommy!
My hedz keeps heetin up an it makez me pretty seepy, so i been seepin a bit more. Exept when mom and dad moved da carpitz outta da hows. (Cuz it smelled like pee pee, i dont know why MOL) an so i gotz hardwoodz now and iz so mush fun cuz i can slide on da floor when i push from da cowsh. Mom callz it floor surfin MOL! Iz SO mush fun. Mommy laffs cuz i coo at her upside down an den push an surf. Teehee! =^.^=
I am bored wiff safe playroomz. Iz just, i dunno… Deres no good stuffz up dere. But mom letz me go asplorin upstairz everee mornin. So dats fun. I also been helpin mom get my nomz ready too.
I need my akupunshur. My neck iz bad mom sez. Maybe datz why i dont feel so good.
Ewwwwww Alastar jus lickeded me! I needa go bite him now.
Xoxo Merida

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