Cats get depressd too!

I haff not been feelin like doin mush. I am sad cuz i cannot walk like Knigget. He doesn wanna pway wiff me mush either. Some timez it getz to be a lot cuz deres alotta fings I reelly wanna be coin, an I cant so it just seems bettur if i just seep loss and pretend nobuddy cares.

I am over it now. I was jus reel mad and sad lass week an it felt like everyfing juss reely sucked!!! But I am back to doin stuffs now. Mom sez dat if we can keep up wiff fings dat she knowz i can do dis, but I haff to try too. She won’t do it fur me, an I haff to pick up my slack an not flip flop when I can be tryin to walk. She sez too I haff to slow down or else i won’t be able to walk cuz I go too fass and get dizzy and fall ovur, but den i am reel dizzy for a long time. If I go slow, it givez me time to calm down my dizzies and not get so dizzy. I hate dat she is right ya know…

I had my CT. Mom LEFTED me at da clinic. She handz me ovur to some lady who didn even hold me right so I kept feeling like I wuz falling. Mom put speshul instrucshuns on my papers. So den, they used a buzzer masheen on my arm an my fur was GONE! GONE! I wuz already mad mom lefted me, so I jus sat dere an took it, but OMC!! Affur dey buzzed me, dey putted a pokey in my arm. It hurted 🙁 I felt a cold tingle an den i wuz reeeeeeeel seepy. When I woked up kind of, I was in dis big noisy box an den I don’t remember mush until I seed mom, I think it was mom… I couldn see very well. Den I remember we wuz home an I had seepies in my box bed. I wuz sooooooo tired fur sooo long.

I haff been tryin to do da stairs. Mom gets mad at me MOL. I like to make sure mom duzzen half the camra on me too an den i RUN. Ohhhh ya, I RUN. Iz so funnee cuz mom iz like OMG OMG you lil turkee why cant yous do dat on cam!? MOL MOL

Mom told me you guyz all gots yer cardz too! I am so happee!! Mommy was gunna keep my bracelets till my burfday but i told her not too, I sed you all wantid one sooner. MOL. So yous all can go to my website an buy ones if you wanna. My burfday is soon, an mom said I should be eggsited! She is funny.

Oooo I gots to go cuz i heard da lunch beep from da microwaiff!!

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