Looking forewerd to eestur!!

I had my apoinmen on Munday. We did kold layzur ferapee akupunshur, an kyrow. Mom also gived me my mew herb to try owt an it wuz ok bud i wuz reel dizzee afur. Mom finks it will ged bettur in time cuz it mayde my eyes not wiggul anymore! It did mayke my hed go in surculs doh. So.. iz ok, bud not so good.

I am preddy mad at evreewun rite now cuz i am sore an mom wans to wok me an cuddul me, but i jus bite her cuz she needz to noe dat i doent wanna be tushed rite now, bud she sez if i keep not woking dat my legz will get titer an stiff. I doent beeleef her. She gived me my herb for owcheez, so i am gunna seep lots an feel beddur later.

Mom an I spended time on da net an we fownd da purrfect gif for peepul who haff donated. Mom iz mad cuz we ordured an iz still not heer, so she kawled today an gived dem heck!

Moms been tryin to ged me to do a fotoshoot but i wont, she sez iz fur my websyte an stuffz, but i am not gunna sit still or sit in preddy pozez! Commmmmmmeee onnn mom.

I eeted lidder dis mornin to, i doent fink mom noews dat, hahaha! It wuz paybak cuz she tryed to put dis fing on me dat hoelds my hipz, an i wuz lyke I DOENT fink so!! So I bited her and she tryed agin, she duzzen evur giff up, ever!

I heerd dat eestur is comin an dere will be lossa bunneez. I eeted bunee wunse.. he wuz good!



OH MY CAT!! Knigget wans to pay chayse! I haffa go!!



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