Eestur Week Update!

Da Dr gave mom some new herb for me. We tried it, an.. ya.. I doent like it! It made me mad, an I looked like a CH kiddy! (Not dat CH kiddies are bad, cuz dry are super good!) But it made my head do circlez, an shake A LOT! I gotted dizzee, an had an icky tummy feeling. Mom em

I found a new hidey spot
I found a new hidey spot

aled my vet and told her. Itz a good herb for dizzeez, an nerve stuffz. So mom and da Dr say iz weerd dat it did dat to me. I dunno..

Mom an I had a tawk an she made me work on my typing. She said dat mashing da keys… peepul cant reed what I rite. So I had to practiss A LOT dis week to make it bettur! Mom was mean and turned spellchek off to on me! So I practissed a lot on Twitter, an now my wordz are bettur!
We had a tawk about fizzeeoh to. She sez we are doing da wrong stuffz now cuz I haff enuff mussels in my legs, but I dont haff enuff in my tummy to stan up an walk, or pee wiffout stretchin my legz out as long as I can. So we worked some more on diffrent fings an she found stuffz dat workz fur me! So we do dat now. She givez me cami meal again too! Iz so relaxin, an I can walk bettur to!

I put up my eestur dinner videeoh. Did you all see it? I got to haff carrot, chikin, stuffinz, an OMC GRAYVEEEE

I got cards fin the male from Auntie Sandra & Coopers Cats

EEEEE!!! So nommy.

My new website iz up too! fanks to Vicki! It haz my diaree on it, an my live twitter and facebook feedz too. Mom is gunna make more wallpapurz. I won’t sit still fur pickshurs, hehe! So moms been haffin a hard time gettin wallpapurz made. MOL!
Mom iz mad cuz she ordered eestur cardz an dey still aren’t here. She waz gunna send dem to peepul who doenayted beefor eestur. She wuz sad about it too, so I kissed her lotz an said it wood be ok cuz you guyz wood understand.
I wanna say to how mush I really luvz how much you all care. My doenayshuns are gettin close now to what we need. Mom iz gonna put some of her money in too of course. She alwayz does.
Mommy did another interview too! She sez it will be out prolly on Sunday. Go mommy!
Just sit-in’..cuz i can do dat now!

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