The diary of wobbly cat Merida. Follow her life as a neurological wobbly cat from trauma in her own words.

Me an mommyz fayevrit fings!

Sinss i need my akupunshur, i am not dewin tew mush. I still pway and flippy flop arownd. So i fawt i wood show yew guys my fayvrit fings that i haz!
Fedder balls: i luvs dem cuz dey haff cannip AN fedders. Mom haz to wash me clows cuz fedders are yummy. Not so yummy wen dey ar pewk puddl on da floor doh. MOL
Mowsies WIFF tales: mom cuz off all da tales cuz i lyke to swallow dem haff and den regurgitayte dem. I lyke da way it tiklus my frowt! So i can onlee jaff nakee bum mowsies.
Terbo scrashur: i LUV it so mush! I haff a lyte up ball in it an it neffur stops mewin!! Iz so mush fun!! I eat da kardborid in da middul too, shhh doent tell mom!
My big BIG bruddur: i luv him cuz he kizzez me, and we pway nice. He pins me wiff his noes! Iz funee.
Fuzzee tale toy: i akshullee lyke da end of da stik, not so mush da fuzzee tale end. Mom laffs at me.
Eevil red dot: we haff a luv/hayt relayshunship. I luv it, but can nevur cash it. So i hayt it sumtymes.
My cat kondow hows: i get to hyde insyde and i keep tryin to clyme it but mom keeps taykin me dowen off it. She sez No Merida! No clymin cuz yew fall. So sumtymz she hoeldz me an we clyme.
Mommys fayvrit fings are:
Natures Miracle products
Me and her Tim Hortons coffee!

Iz finely timez

Tewmoroe is my speshulus apoinmen. I ged xrayz too! Momz egsited and so i fink i am tew! She sez it shood tell us how we can getz me beddur, if we can an if not den we will noe what to werk arownd.
I fink yew all saw i am eetin by myselvs now. Mom haz tew be neer cuz if she leefs me, i fall ovur and cry till she comez back! I dowen noe what she thinkz, leefin me all alowen. I got bord eetin in da kishen so now i eets in differunt paysus noe, da liffin rew, an hallwayz.
I finishd anuddur heets, so i seeped fer a howul week an moms been nod dewing so good an i haff been frusratyd cuz i keeps falling so i been not wantin to wok. Mom trys hard to help an i jus grrr at her, an i bitted her hard lass nite. I sed sowee an kized it beddur.
I howep it all gows good tewmorow. They haff tew giff me seepy stuffs for my xrayz, im kynda skared.

Mommy rant

I noe mom luvs me, but geeeeeez! She wown lemme haff playtymz wen i am dizzee, she wown feed me wen i am hungree she mayks me wayt till iz feeding tymz, she piks me up an wans to snuggul so i jus bite her fayse, she tryed this fing cawld brushin… Lemme tell you, i dowen think so!
Yesserday… She cutted my nales. My long long nales! Tewday, she putted junk in my eers, an she tryed to snuggul me affur i did dis reel grate bakwerds spin jum kik. I wuz all happee an she wuz all freekin. Like come onnnn mom. She is alwayz haffin da kamraw too, ALWAYZ!
OK, dun my rant. I luvs her, but sumtymz… Sumtymz Grrrr!

Doenayshuns dun fer now!

I haz been seepin loss. I had heets for a long tym, an den mommy wuzun feelin good. We haff been jus seepin and payin heer and dere. I haff spazms agin so I need akupunshur agin soon.
Mom sez we goss enuff fer my xrayz an speshulus. Good mews! So dis week mom is hoepin we get me in. Wiff xrayz we can see if i can ged spayded an if my showdur is ok from wen i wuz borin. Mom sez i limpt, she is prolly rite. I dont amembur. Dr sez if xrayz show stufs that iz a good chans dat it can be fixd wiff surgrees.
I am gunna see a speshulus too, an he will tell me if i haff stuffs like menygitis. My dr tawkd to him an he is veree eggcitd to see me. He wans to help me if he can, an he was hapee mom savd me. Heer wair i liff, kiddys who wobbul get da big seep. Mom wown asplane dis to me. But he sez iz rair for kiddeez who wobbul to be seed by drs, aspeshuly a speshulus. He cant wayt to see me.
I wan to say fank yew to everee wun. Me an mommy coodnt dew dis wiffout all of yew. Fank yew SO mush! Mom howps to feel beddur soon to mayk stuffs for yew all.
Iz snaktym now, den moar cannapin!


Howz im doin?

Iz been a liddle ruff. I gots akupunshur and den I wuz so tyrd and I slep for free HOLE dayz! I gotted up an eated an got snugglz frum mom, but i wuz so tyrd, oh my! Afur all da seepin, I fell so good dat I playd too hard an hurted my hips frum bein ninja. But iz ok cuz mom has herbs for dat and dey mayk me feel beddur real fass too! Mom kep tryin to get me on kamra wen i wuz playin, but i fewld her cuz i playd loss in da dark so she cooden get me on the kamra. nyah nyah mommy!

Dis week i got lossa mail too! i gotted more toys wiff fedders and cannip, an i got a kiddy kong.  It haz samun skwishy stuffz in it, and itz so yummmmy. I jus lik it, but mom sez i am aspose to play wiff it or sumfin. I dunno. I gotted a chek too for moneez for my xrayz, an a kewt pohscard too!

Mom wuzen feelin good yeserday and a bit of tewday so we didn play mush, but i playd by myself and kep her up lass nite. hehe! Den tewday mom and dad had to tayk my big big brudder in cuz his eyes get weard. he gess asited an one eye goews big an da udder one goews reel small. He got lossa tess dun, an mom sed he wuz az good az me! He sittd still an dey evun putd paypurr in his eyes an lef it dere like furevur! I woodn waun paypurr in MY eye! He got treez wen he gottd howm, OF CORS. Mom sed he didn haff to shair, i tryd to get him to shair but he woodn. He can be so meen sumtymz.

Tewday we did lossa fizzeeoh to mayk up for loss dayz mom sez. So i am reel tired n

ow thad i had my afurnewn snak an playd cannip an fedder ball wen mom wuz dewin dishz. Mom sez she myt tayk my cannip away cuz it mayks me spinee. I howp not!! But i do feel not so good afur cannip. Mom sed i can go play on twidder whyl she rites emayl. yaay!

mom sez i am geddin too big fer my bedz…

Akupunshur and Dr diagnosis

I seed my dr on Munday. She did akupunshur on me, an I wuz good but when she stucked my tail, I growled cuz it hurtid. She asplaynd it wuz a payn poin an it wood hurt fer a secun. I didn hurtid too long, she wuz right. I was good, so mommy gived me treeds when we gottid home. I got lossa scrashiz and luvs at da klinik cuz i wuz good an dey luv me an mommy loss!

I wuz sweepy from the akupunshur until tewday. So we didn werk on my fizzeeoh and stuffs. Wot happens is the needlz bring nutreentz to the bad payn playzez to help em heel. Sumtimz, yew feel kinda tyurd an yew sweep loss but yew feel so mush beddur affer all da good sweeps! So cuz of the akupunshur, my muskuls aren all tyte and stuffs now so i can mewv beddur. I doen haff what Dr callz flexers no more, whair i tenss up an leen bak. Dats good!

The Dr sed on Munday dat she is now 100% sure I has trauma/injury from fallz. I doen haff CH, or any illnezez an I never had any. She tawked to a nurolagiss an he wans to meet me. So mommy is raysing munies for me to get xrays and see the nurolagiss so we can fyne out wot happined to me and how to fix it. Mommy noze i falled off a deck on seement, and dat I was born wiff my arm lookin weerd and i didn moov it much at firs.

I am dewin mush beddur on mommys herbs an vydamins den wot Drs gived me. I can tayk steps now, an stan up fer a bit. But Dr sez cuz I am reely long iz gunna tayk me a bit to get da hang of not swingin my butt an keepin it srayt. Im werkin on it! Mommy helpz me evree day, an we werk hard. She fizzed my depf percepshun a bit an so now I can get cloows to fings an not fall over in cunfewshun.

Mom haz also been helpin anodder kitty mom wiff her super wobbly kitty who is 4. Nobuddy wood help her eevur and so mommy did an da kitty is doing stuffs she haz nebber dun beefor! Iz grate news. Mom will updayt an shair her story sumtimz soon.

iz cannap tyme wiff my brudder now.

my brudder Knigget & me


All da medkul stuffs

So mommy took charguh and she tole my dr dat she dun wan me on more chineez herbs cuz dey doen werk. My dr sed it wuz ok fer mommy to do it her way agin. So mommy givz me wot she gived me before wen nobodee wood help her an I feel bettur so far! Did yew see how i can wok beturs??

mommy still helpz me wiff my fizeeoh, an we do playtimez, an mahsaugz too. Sumtimz i hated mahsaugz cuz it hurtz and i noe mom doez it nyce, but it still hurtz an so i runned away. I was too sored dis week fer lots of mahsaugz but mom sez at lease 2 timz a week it haz to be.

i falled backwerdz yesserday when i wuz goin pottys an i hurtid my low bak. Mom mahsauged it lass nite, but iz stil kinda sor. I am kinda skared of pottys now. So i peed on da floor today. Mom sez she knowed we wuz men to be cuz she haz a bisel littul green masheen. hehe, moms funny!

i haven gotted my udder new toyz in da mail yet. mom ordered me fortee dawlerz of toyz! I am real esssited!

I see Dr on munday for my acupunshur. I like dat cuz I gets a good nap, and den i git to pway ninja wen i wakes up. I feel reel good! Dr wans to do xrays on me and i git to see a speshulest too wen mom gets the munies. mom is hopin i can walk den cuz it helps evereewun fighur ow wots wrong wiff me.

mommy gotted her masheen dat makez muskulls move. Iz for medikul for her lawsoot, so she sez we can try it on me maybe for my back legz. She wans to wate til affer acupunshur wen my muskulls aren so tite.


Aww mommy cot me eatin da lidder agin.

Now mom is gunna go mayk me sum dinnerz!

a liddl about me

Dear diaree,

Mom sed I needa do dis, but i jus wanna go pway. So… I wanid to share wiff you all what i likes! I noe u wash my videe ohs but deres lossa owrs you don see.

i likes toys:
fuzzee mousees with fevvers, da reel sof mousees dat make shakur noiz!
anyfwing wiff fevvers
plassic stuffs to get my noms on cuz i luvs chewin
mos anyfwing fuzzee dat as shakur noiz
i chewed my big big brudders kong bown yesserday. NOMMY! i wan one
pullsring toys dat mewv like my ladeebug. she jidders and i chays her
sparkul balls are so purdy and taess good too!
turbow scrasser wiff lite up ball

i likes food/treass:
raw white meet
sweet potatoh
broff in chikun or turkee

i dun like:
normul cats treez YUK
freez dry liver snax YUK
nashurul cat treez
red meet YUK
water GET IT (i dun noe why mom keepz tryin fer me to drink it)
i really dun like any bowing toys, they haz to be fun!

So now yew know wot i likes and dun likes. Time to updayt!

Mom haz to kleen my eers twise a week. My rite eer gets vewy dirty and fros my balans off so den i alwayz wanna fall bakwerdz. I hayt it, but iz ok layder cuz then i dun fall so much.She tol me she is gonna do dat today. Oh maaannn..

The Dr maled mommy an sed dat i dun haff to take medsin anymoar if it makz me dat bad. I feelz ok but mad. I growled loss just cuz she tushes me. Den i peed all ovur cuz everywun shood noe this is MY houz! Mom didn like dat everee nite at midnite. Then she gave me baffs and hadda snugglz me for me to dry for tew hours. So the Dr is gettin me chineez herbs for inflamashun to try, but she sez they tayss really yuky!

I am heeting again. It was pretend befor, but now i am heeting fer reel. I am quiet, which mommy likz, but i pee on the floors loss. Sumtimz iz an assident and sumtimz i do it so boyz can fine me. I haff spazms in my lower tummy and they reely hurt! It duzzen happen mush, only when i need to potty. Mom sez we will fizz that sumtimz when we noe if i am ok to fizz it.

Mommy is giving me my herbs again she did befor and i like them cuz they make me feel reel good. I made shur mom wazzn lookin and i took 7 steps laz night affer she gived me cami meal. I had a good sweep lass nite too! Dad izn arownd mush and I miss him, i tried to snugglz his feets lass nite but he wuz sweepin and i gots no snugglz, so i wuz sad. Dad werks loss, an wen he comes home at nites he is tired. He leff wiffout sayin bye yesserday and i was so mad i wen to da door and i peed by his swetter.

Mommys mahsawges are real nice. Shez been doin longur on me an it makz me sweepy, but when i wakes up i can do stuffs! I get essited and try to run, but i fall loss still. Mommy found a masheen that she can yews on me to help mahsawge me and strengfin my musslz. Iz spensive she sayz but cuz you guyz donate for my Dr, she saved for 3 munz and she can buy me this to help me. Iz $250. She is tryin to fine me a pwaypen, a big one so i can go crazy ninja style and not hurt mysef so maybe no more bumps on my headz I will get bettur agin like before. I cant be in safe room no moar alown cuz i eatted the floor blankey, and den i tryed to eat the foam unner da blankey. Mom duzzen wan me to haff to haf sergree so i can’t be by myself no moar in there.

Mom talked to the Dr about the xrayz too and they sed $200 before but now they say cloz to $400 cuz the place i have to go haz to assess me befor we do xrays cuz my Dr duzzen have a masheen to do it. mom sez dis will help us see my back to make shur iz ok.

Well iz cannap time now before lunsh. *yawn* *stretch* yep its cannap time.

A day in the life of me

Peeples feel bad fur me sumtimez. They tink I haff no life, dat I cant do much. So mommy told me to start writing in dis diary so peeples can see what I do. So this is what I do on a good day…

3:00-3:15am: try and wake mommy up by playing loud or bumping into stuff and coo’ing lots
3:30am: purr at mom and then go to my bed and go nappytimes
7am: stare at mommy from my bed on da floor and purr nice an loud so she wakes up
7:10am: mom puts me in my potty and goes to make me brefuss
7:15am: walk a few steps, when mom issn looking, to the kishen for brefuss
7:20am: mom piks me up and puts me in frun of my dish to eat and steadies me while i eat my brefuss.
7:30am: mom takes me to my bed and tells me to clean my paws while she gets a cloff to clean my meaty face up.
7:35am: mom comes to my bed and boffers me with a wet cloff and wipes my face and nose. uggh mom
7:50am: i take a few steps and flip flop my way to my toys while mom has a cuppa coffee (i want coffee when i grow up cuz it smells reel good!) i attack my brudders and sisser and try and chase them. A few ninja jumps and barrel rolls later and mom asks me if i wan playtime. I tell her HOW much I wanna go pay in my safe pay room.
8:30am: mommy takes me to my pay room and i purr da hole way there. Den I see all my favorite toys and I squee I am SO happy!! Mom can’t put me down fass enuff cuz i see my fevver toy, an.. an.. canip socky.. an fevver fluff on a stick is there too. AND OMG RED DOT!!! RED DOT IS DERE TOO!!
9:00am: mom sez i look tired so she takes me out of safe pay room and into my bed. I cween up a bit and then go chase my brudder Knigget again. He makes funny noise at me and runs away hehe!
9:30am: iz cannap time!
12:30pm: I wakes up and stresh, and stresh, and flip flop to my scrash post and scrass a bit, and stresh some more. Den I call and look fer mom.
1:00pm: mom asks me if im hungree, i tell her YOU BET I AM!! so she makes my lunch fer me. I hear the diss an i am so hungreeee so I try an walk to da kishun cuz iss fasser if i can walk.
1:15pm: lunch is done, mom cleenz me agin. I go asplorin aroun da livin room and kishen.. well till mom blocked off da kishen. i try to go under cowshes, and hide in da closet, i try an jump on da cowsh after my brudder Knigget when he is sweepin. I practiss my sitting when mom tells me too. She sez i can be like my brudder and sisser if i keep doing cat sit.
2:30pm: i wash cartoons dat mom leevs on fer me and haff a small nap cuz cat sit essersizing makes me tired and sumtimz dizzy.
4pm: mom asks if i wanna go have paytimz, and if i feel ok den i go. If i dont feel good still i sweep for more. We do my essersizes for fizzeeoo stuffs if i pway.
5:30pm: mom saugez my neck, back an legz. it hurz sumtimz but it feelz bedder later.
6pm: sumtimz i wanna pway at this time, and sumtimz i wanna eat
7pm: daddy comes home an i try so hard to run to go see him at da door but its reel faaaaaar. I try an run and fall loss, so most timz i flip flop dere. Dad sees me an he piks me up and gives me snugglz and i give him wobbly kizzez. We snuggle fer a bit and den i go play wiff my livin room toyz, chase my big big brudder dog, go essplorin, try an get in trubble, run and hide anytime mom looks at me. hehe!
8:30pm: i try an walk to my bed to have a cannap and i go to sweep
10:30pm: dad likes to try an go to bed, but i dont wan him to so i try and keep him awake by bitin his toes, an telling him to pik me up, i fro my toyz at him, an if dat dussen keep him up den i go play turboskracher cuz its REAL loud! or or or jingle ball! Daddy hates those.
11:30pm: mom asks me if im hungree, i tell her how hungree i REALLY am cuz i had a busy day. so she gets my bedtimz snax reddy and i eat, she cleens my face and then go for paytimz or to bed. It depenns how we boeff feel.

So dats what i do eveeeday. I walk a few stepz and flippy flop to my potty all frewout da day, or if mom seez i am dizzy she puts me in it. Then she cuvers fer me if i dinnt and helpz me out if i need. Iss fun here cuz i gots toyz an brudders and a sisser. Dey arnn like my real brudder and sissers down da street but dey can be fun sumtimz.

On a bad day, i sweep alot, an i cant walk or do mush flippy flops, my eyes are reel sor, my neck spazzmz, my eers an neck get reely hot, i twish and i haff to growl loss at mom cuz she keeps chekkin on me an taking my temp (do you KNOW where that white thing GOES!?!) I luv her but geez juss leev me alone cuz i juss wanna sweep