The diary of wobbly cat Merida. Follow her life as a neurological wobbly cat from trauma in her own words.

Just my duties

Mom was suffering a migraine yesterday so she couldn’t log into the computer for me to do diaree. I was by the patio after I had my breakfast and then I looked and couldn’t see the top of her head by the couch. I knew something was wrong, so I called to her and got no answer. Then I had to go see if she was ok! When I saw her sleeping on the couch and moaning in her sleep, I knew I had to watch her! So this was the first thing she saw when she woke up… ME, watching over her. She told me I did a great job taking care of her & me.


This week has been boring. Between some headaches, and being in heat I haven’t done much. I watched the birds A LOT, did our regular walk therapy, bit dads feet, chased the dog so i could bite his feet, I tunnelled a little bit, not too much goodness. I mostly relaxed.
Mom and me were reading comments and saw something awful though… A couple comments by two ladies who were not up to speed on me and what is wrong with me. They made a mistake and said some really horrible things about me, but mostly about mom. I guess this just happens on pages, and mom got SO mad, like SO mad I have never seen her like that! She put me down off her lap, and she made a pot of coffee and then looked at me and said “Merida, these people just do not understand! I love you SO much, and I know you love me, and you ARE getting better! You are! You aren’t sick, you never were sick, so WHY don’t people listen to us? Why don’t the vets listen, why do people type stuff so hurtful on your page?!” Then, she just stopped talking and I thought something was wrong, so I   coo’d at her, and she blinked. So I coo’d again and then meowed at her, I was like “Mom? MOM!?” and she grabbed me, and hugged me and scratched my head until I purred, and then she said, “You know what Pookie.. People just don’t understand. Thats why mommy started your pages, to help people understand. So let’s do that!” She kissed me and went quiet and started typing so fast, like so fast i never seen before! By the time she was done, she made a diaree herself and posted good stuff about us on there, and some of my furends too. You can read it here if you missed it, but she says we have to share it LOTS!
Sometimes I think that moms purple hair, gave her super powers… I know it tasted good.
My fundraiser is still going on too, fur my treatments. and also we have furends and family furidays too! Go here if you want to find out the details on that.

Can’t say i’m not trying…

Well mom got a picture of me trying to walk. Can’t say I’m not trying right? I practice every day by myself and mom helps me practice too a lot everyday. Now if I could just quit being so darn dizzy, I think i totally GOT THIS!

If you never saw, mom asked my Dr questions that yous guys usually ask, and my Dr answered! Yous guys can see that here: Vet Q&A (link removed) Mom says she will put it on my site soon enough, she is busy busy right now with me and her appointments too. She got my fundraiser up this week, and is working on a channel for me and so much more. I am pretty sure my mom is magic… There is nothing she doesn’t do, and on almost no sleep!

I had my acupuncture and have been getting some headaches, so mom has been giving me medicine for those but i can’t take too much or I get nerve pain and it REALLY hurts!! But mommy knows how much to give me to help. I love her! Thanks to a secret furend, I got a new toy.. AND monies to my treatments! Mom put an update in my fundraiser because she found a physiotherapy Dr that will work with me, but mom is straightening things out with her. She said I have CH (cerebellar hypoplasia), and if you know.. my CT scan said NO I don’t have it. My brain is 100% fine.

Moms breaking out the NIP!!!! GOTTA GO!!!

xoxo Luvs Merida

Heats suck. Twitter is fun!

I am done my number two heat from this month. This is cat-tastic to me! Stupid heat. I didn’t do much, I coo’ed, I sleeped, I followed the dog, bit my dad for attention, just the usual. It’s been two days now and no more, yaay!

I have a Drs appointment coming up soon. We get to discuss more about no more heat, we will see what she says. Mom says not to get all excited because it is hard to find someone who would like me as much as mommy and my Dr do. I don’t get that, what’s not to like?

I have been playing on Twitter, when moms phone works, and with my new toys from when Santa Paws came. Twitter is so fun, theres so many kitties and doggies to talk to on there!! But then, moms phone acts up and I can’t see pictures or tweets don’t load and then I get bored and go play with my tunnel, or new mouses. You can see my spelling is getting better cuz i tweet lots with a spellcheck! This nice lady got me a rainbow tunnel, and its SO fun cuz you can pounce at Star when she walks by, you can run out and tackle dads feet if he doesn’t know you are there, you can pretend there is a mousey invasion and you have to block both ways out so you have to run back and forth to make sure they don’t come in! Mom said our living room sometimes looks like a mousey apocalypse when she puts all my toys down.

Been working at walking, but it’s kind of making me mad again because I know i wanna go but I am SO dizzy and I just can’t even get back up after I am walking. Mom says we need to keep pushing it still and I have learned to trust her. She says my centre gravity is doing good though. Whatever that means.

Mom has been real busy or not feeling well. She has been doing my website, and a few other things she says I can’t tell about yet on the computer. Her phone was not letting her save my videos and pictures so she reset it and now she says its still a mess, maybe even more a mess so I can’t touch it. I still sneak it into my tunnel and go on twitter, MOL!!

Milestones are mountains

I haven’t been feeling so good, but its ok cuz mom takes good care of me and always makes me feel better. As better as she can. This week even tho i don’t feel good its been a week full of grate stuffs!

Mom teached me this week that faces are not fur biting. They are fur kissing. So now I kiss faces, an make sure everyone has a clean face. I cleaned Knigget, mommy, and Alastar this week. We gotta keep a clean house mom says so I do my part an keep myself clean an everyone else i can.

I got a cool mew toy, its a big round thing. It is a grate place to hide an pounce from! Mom putted some toys in there fur me… it was SO fun! Star wanted to come see an so I pounced her. MOL! Its a good toy cuz mom tied it so it doesn’t roll away when i try an walk in it. She is so smarty!

I got a very speshul treat the other night. Cuz I am ok being up on high places again, mom putted me on the bed last night an I sleeped on the bed fur the HOLE night!! Ya I know right?! I was curled between mom an dad in moms snuggly hello kitty blanket an we had a good nights sleep. Dads alarm went off, an we all woke up an I looked at mom an told her fank yous an kissed her lots. It was super neat! I didn’t even feel dizzy being up high! I hope we can do it again when I am not dizzy, cuz i was like the other kitties for a night an i really liked it.

I had planned to get some head an whisker scratches, sleep a lot, do some walking today… but mom says I haft to haff a bath. I am not happy about this an will continue to protest even the thought. Hrmph!!

Progress is progress!

This week has been kind of exciting really! I started a game of hide an seek with mom, so we play every day now MOL. She leaves a room, i hide, an she can’t find me. I LUVS IT! She told me to put them on Facebook cuz my followers maybe wanna play too, and they did!

I got to go outside on the deck, but I was scared. I did eat some snow tho, an its not so yummy really.

Mom is proud of me an real excited to see my Dr this week. I can clean my belly, an tail now without leaning against things. I can also move my tail tip too! I have to really think an focus to do it, but I can do it now. Its hard work! I am eating by myself almost all the time too, unless i make myself dizzy before i eat then I need to lean against mom. Mom hasn’t told my Dr that I can knead my bed or blanket too. I wanted too all the time, but i couldn’t cuz i would fall over all the time. Dr. Marshall is gonna get lots of great mews this week when we see her.

Mom an dad got me a couple mew toys too. I have a mousey that runs away, and a pink feather ball on a string. The feather is soooooooooo long an it dances! I been trying to chase Knigget, but he is too fast. I keep trying though. I figured out if i jump lots, then i can almost catch him. Landing hurts kind of, but i almost catched him! I was told if I am a good girl today that I can have some catnip. Being bad is always funner, but i think i want catnip tonight.

Did you know?

I have been in heats so I have nothing new or eggciting to share so I wanted to do this:

Did You Know?

1) That I weigh 6 pounds
2) I don’t need diapers cuz I can make it to the box myself or I tell mommy
3) I am getting better every day
4) I can walk 7 steps alone before I get dizzy
5) I don’t fall over all the time, I can catch myself when I am about to fall now
6) I can do three stairs before I get dizzy by myself
7) Mom holds me while I walk
8) I cannot use a walker because I fall and run backwards a lot
9) There are 4 of us pets in the house
10) My dog bruddur looks after me to make sure i don’t hurt myself or go places i am not allowed
11) I am actually black an white
12) I get akupunshur every month
13) I love feathers to death. I eet them. NOM NOM
14) I have a sweet, loving, donater who helps out EVERY month for some of my costs for the Dr
15) My K4K blanket my mom bought me, a blanket made by ladies to help raise money for cancer in pets, is my favourite thing in the whole world. (
16) I like when mom sings to me
17) I have never eaten store bought food, it smells YUCKY
18) I love to give kisses
19) My whiskers have curls
20) I have to get snuggles from daddy and kiss him goodnite before ill let mom and dad go to sleep

Getting back on track

Well its taken a bit, but mom keeps makin me work an drags me away from my catio bird watching but i guess its ok. Stuff just isnt as fun anymore.
I decided i wanted to do some stairs so mom helped me but i hate when she helps. She told me i did good cuz i did 3 by myself an didnt fall. Then i did the BIG stair by myself too!
Tomorrow i see my dr an thats good cuz im a little sore an cant walk so good again an that means my muskuls need the akupunshur to work good again. The stairs maked me dizzy too so ill be happy to see her. I get it now that she helps, she doesnt hurt me. Last time i gived her lossa kisses, she giggled cuz she was trying to work on me but i just had to show her how much i luvs her! MOL
Mom told Star she was a bad girl cuz she hissed at me, so star gived herself a time out MOL!! I had to share.

No more monsters


So mommy sent the monsters away. I am glad. I hated them!! They didn’t let me sleep, they bugged me when I was eating, they were always having fun I couldn’t have, and they were always SO loud! They never listened anyways. Mom would say no and they would still do it, so its better they are gone. I didn’t want to get to know them. I am still sure they were NOT kitties.

I have my mommy all to myself now. I am pretending to still be kind of mad at her, MOL. Maybe next time she will think again and again about this time before she brings more of those noisy things home! It has been better for mom too anyways, she doesn’t have to do so much anymore. I mean she does much, but the monsters and me and everyone.. it was way too much for her. She was so tired and was forgetting my herbs and vitamins and if or what she gave Star, and did she even take Alastar out to go potty. It was so much and she was just always tired! She is better now. She tries and plays with me, but I am pretending still to be mad a bit, so I sit in front of the catio and watch all the amazing colour birds and the super big puppies outside go by. I watched snow the other day… I don’t know if I like it, it kind of makes me dizzy.

I tried to go down the stairs by myself the other day, but the jail was there and then mom caught me and she of course wanted to help me do stairs. Im like MOM why, I can do them. I am a big girl, I watch Knigget and Star do them all the time. So she was pretty mad at me for doing a ninja jump from stair one to stair 4. I tumbled, she caught me. But still, she doesn’t believe I can do them myself. Pffft… Yeah ok, so maybe i fall down or run them, but whatever. I am a big girl now, I don’t exactly need help.

I have to bug mom to go get my POO Box, er P.O Box. Grandma wants to send me gifts! I love mail so much. Now that mom has no monsters, maybe she can get off her duff and go get me a box so I can get lots and lots of mail to chew on! er.. I mean, to open.. gently… with love.. you know.. kitty style. teehee!

Keeping up with it all


Theres so much goin on with monsters always running about an birdies flying by, and big doggs to watch outsides too! It gets very tireding watching it all, it really does. There are lossa birdies here, we have black ones, blue ones, red ones, and grey ones. There is even some that make honkey noises. I don’t know what they all are yet, mom is trying to help me. She says i really like the swallows cuz they fly real fast! I guess they are my favourite right now.

The monsters are put away mostly now because i was watching them all the time an they made me real sick from running an jumping all the time. They do not sleep, all they do is run and jump and run and jump, so they made me dizzy. Mom put them away until we can find homes fur them, cuz mom says I come first. I am in heets too so that makes the monsters even scarier! I must go howl a bit so mom knows I am seeking a boyfriend.

=^.^=  Merida

Monsters before halloweens

I have been watchin the monster in my house now fur a few days. I am not sure about them yet… I dont think they are kitties like mom says. Heres why:

They dont sleep
They jump lots
They make off noises kind of like mousies
They just appear an disappear at random
They dont cuddle on the couch
They fall lots
They eat stuff that kitties shouldnt
The dog thinks they are food
They hop like bunnies lots
They move super fast
They climb on every thing
They steal my toys an hide them
They run sideways?!
I am pretty sure mom lied and these are not kitties. I will continue to take notes an see what these monsters are. All i know, is they jump over or on me and i dont like it!

Moovin on up

After all the troubles we had, mommy worked hard and convinced some peepuls to let us live in their home!

sleepin off da dizzzeez

It took a lot of work cuz peepuls of course think i should be put to sleep cuz i probably pee all over an am messy when i eets an all the bad stuffs some pets do. Mommy keeps tellin peepuls that i dont do that stuffs cuz i am normal! So many peepuls didnt want our fur familee cuz there are so many of us an so we MUST be dirty stinky pets who ruin everything.

Haffin some playtime

We are very happy fur our new land lords. They are very kind peepuls who understand that there can be good pets out there no matter how many you have if you have a great mommy like mine!

We are almost all done moving, dad is still gettin stuffs from storage.. where ever that is. So I get kind of scared when theres big thumps again! The car ride here was long to what i am used to, so i was SO dizzee fur a few days. Its gonna be a long ride to see my Dr too from now on. A lot has changed, this can take some getting used too! BUT.. theres some good stuffs, like stairs and a patio. So now I can see outside all the time! Mom says I get around better here an faster too. I hide everytime she leaves a room MOL. She has to find me, its a fun game.

Patio, or as I call it CATIO!

I tried doin stairs an it makes me dizzy but i keep wanting to try, i can do it. lots more fun stuffs to do here than my old home. I am liking this ok, but i HATE CARPET an there is SO MUCH all over this place!! Really gets my whiskurs in a bunch, I just hate the stuffs! Today is mommys burfday, so I giffed her a good pressie, I did 2 stairs BY myself an I gotted off her bed BY myselfs too. Safely, don’t worry I didn’t just fall down. =^.^=

Mom is gonna get me a POO box she says too, so you guys can send me stuffs cuz a lot mom gets asked fur my address and now we haff a tiny box so she has to get me my own. Ohhhh, mom says its a P O box, not POO box. MOL!!!

Oh, theres the microwave… lunch time!

xoxo Merida


Things are not so good rite now. Mom gotted her medcal reports an it says she cant work ever. It says she iz never gonna be ok. She is pretty sad rite now. So I giff her kisses an luvs nibbuls. It makes her smile! =^.^=

Mom an dad haff putted me in jail lots cuz they been lookin at new homes fur us, but they all haff fizzy stuffs on the wall, or other very bad safety stuffs that could hurt us all or me espeshully. I get salmon stuffs when they come back so I am not so mad anymore hehe!

It has been reel humid here, an so that means i cant go play outside cuz i am black an will get hot reel fast. Hot makes me dizzy an sleepy too. Thats kind of why we haff no videos an stuffs cuz I sleep until its dark mostly, an we haff only half power to the house still so mom cant take videos unless she holds a flashlight, but i get dizzy if you shine lights in my eyes.

I been climbin still, i scare mom hehe. She comes from the kishen an sees me on things. Its sooooo funny! She says imma giff her a heart attack before she is 40 MOL! I been tellin mom to back off on fizzeoh too, cuz i just dont wanna no more. I am a big girl and i can do it on my own, i dont need help but she still thinks i do. We cant work on my dizzies cuz of the heat too, if we make me TOO dizzy it can last for months. Thats part of my good an bad days stuffs, sometimes i push it past the bad point. Mom calls it determined. MOL. My new medsins are ok. Iz very hard to get the right dose. But mom figured it out fur me. It helps!

I heard mom an dad talking buot bilding me a BIG scrashy climby thing! Dont tell her i know tho, i wanna be surprised if i get it. Teehee!

Do yous like my mew google profile pic?


More Cat facts!

I haff had some time to think more on some cat facts, because well think about it, I sleep A LOT!

Cat Facts – The Next Chapter By Merida

1) You must wait until your human sits down an looks comfortable before you ask for ANYTHING. Do not ask when they are near the fridge, or your dish. That is just way too purrfect for them, an not us.  Iz hard to rule when you do it all fur them an not you.
2) Play IN the water dish. We do luvs water, iz like a mini fun bath an makes a nice mess they hate. Dip a paw in, shake paw off well, fall in it an run away to laugh. Drop toys in it too!
3) 3am is the purrfect time to wake up mommys or daddys. 5am is ok, but 3am is a bettur play time.
4) When they pick up up fur cuddles, purr an giff kisses… but after a bit then bite, hiss an growl. Yous dont want them to know we luvs them so much we would do anyfing fur them.
5) Black cats are natural ninjas, so some of yous might haff to find a way to be black cuz it helps fur hiding an sneak attacks on every one. Yous can roll in dirt or sumfing.
6) Even if yous like car rides, you HAFF to complain a bit. If yous dont then yous arent gonna get treats after.
I am tryin new herbs an they are ok but they made me fall back wards some days. Mom told me we needed to put less in, she told me its a trial an error thing. But she thinks we haff it down now. Good, cuz I HATED days like that. I would be tryin to walk an just fall back wards. Not so fun, even when mom catched me most all the time.
I been drivin mom bonkerz she says cuz when we do walkin i try an run instead MOL =^.^= I am just SO eggsited an goin slow is no fun AT ALL! I wanna run an chase Knigget an Star. I just wanna explore it all, all at once!
I need  to go hide my eers. Mom wants to clean them, an she keeps plain the same song over and over!

The new world

My heets are done now! Fank goodness!

i love this climby thing!

I saw my Dr and she only had to do 4 needuls on me this time. She used to use LOSSA needuls on me, an she would touch my tail an I growled big at her, sometimes i even hissed. NOBUDDY touches my tails. She says I am doin reel good. I haff good musculs in my legs to be walking an we gotta work on the dizzeez cuz now thats only why I fall. Sometimes the world goes round an it makes me feel pretty icky so I just wanna sleep. Mom says sleep is good cuz it makes me heel good. Mom knows best i am learning. I do what she says most times, except when its time fur bed. I HATE being in my kitty corral so I like to try an hide before she comes to grab me. A few nights I made it to my kitty condo an I wouldn’t let her gets me out, haha!

The outside is reely nice now, its not so hot no more! I gots to go out yesterday, but the other day there was lossa thunder even at my 3am playtimes it went BOOM! I tried to jump off the floor onto mommys bed, but i didnt make it. Mom kissed my boo boo better an snuggled me fur a bit until it was over. It was so big it scared all of us in the house!

Star has been mean to me. She fros a ball at me loss, but then hisses at me cuz I haff her ball. She is such a princess. She hisses at big big bruddur loss to, mom says she hates everee one and thats why mommy keeped her cuz nobuddy else would want her. She luvs mommy tho, most times. Star teached me how to ‘talk’ to my toys now. She talks to her toys all the time when she is eeting them, I guess the bruddur I never knew Tiggy did it too. So now at 3am playtime I talk to mine when mom is tryin to sleep. Fur some reason they don’t talk back tho. Well, squeeky owl does, but i dont like him cuz he doesnt taste like catnips.

I talked to mom, an she said cuz I haff 1000 furends on facebook she is proud of me an so we are going to giff away 5 bracelets an I get to write letters to the winners too! I likes this idea.

Ahhhhh, poop.. its jail time. Mom has an appoinment to go to. Its ok cuz I am sleepy now! Zzz..

Hot summer days are no fun!

I saw I missed last week an then I remembered it was cuz mom an dad were lookin at lossa places for us to liff. They still didnt get a place yet. I was locked in jails the whole time they were gone, so I couldnt get to the computer to write my diaree.

It has been too hot fur me to be outside most days. I am not happee about this because I keep tellin mom to take me out an she wont. But then she reminds me the lass time we wented out an I was panting cuz i was SO hot! When its hew mid, I sleep lots too. Mommy too! It makes us dizzy but I guess thats from the head injuries, but its ok we are nap buddies. =^.^=

Today I was just chilling because it wasn’t so hot this morning. I was too tired to be doing any climbin, but I did go fur a nap in my kitty condo.

Tomorrow I get to go see my Dr. Mom thinks we should interview her too after she is done her holidays. I think evreeone should meet her because she is so grate! So ill make mom put that up after we do it. I noticed we are almost haffing 1000 furends on facebook too so I told mom we should selebrate it somehow, mom is thinking… but mom is busy too, so i might haff to just decide on my own. We will see!

… And Meow! Its lunch time! =^.^=