The diary of wobbly cat Merida. Follow her life as a neurological wobbly cat from trauma in her own words.

After the brake

Mom says we might be done with our brake, but there is still lossa bad stuffs going on here.

  • someone we care about, has cancer. Cancer makes people very sad I learned
  • today is the last day of our lees, we have no place to move cuz of me, but mom wont giff me up
  • moms medical stuffs, its badder than she thought. She cant work probably forever
  • monies of course, who duzzen haff this problem

Iz been a rough week and a bit, but the good mews I am sure you haff seen on my FB. I climbed the chair when mom wasnt looking, and i did it again today too. I am layin on it now doin diaree while mom is preparing dinner stuffs. MOL! This chair… IS MINE NOW! (Don’t worry, even though I climb down by the china cabinet, mom puts down my crash mat incase i get excited to chase Star and fall off instead)
I haff been walkin more too now since my last needles. I was a real good girl mommy said at the Drs too. Mom is gonna do an interview with her for my pages. We luvs her cuz she was the only one to listen and believe in me as much as mommy does. I see her next on Aug 16, I am eggsited actually to see her, she always makes me feel so much better!
Knigget with my blankey
I got my comfy, lovey, blankey from Knitting4Kits last week. We all fight over it though…
Me & my blankey
It was hand made JUST fur me, but mom said we share in this house. Pfff..
Mom is haffin some nerves pain, i am gonna go purr and mew at her to make her smile.
xoxo Merida
Star with my blankey

Heets are done, new toys and more!

I am done my heets, an I might be done with diarrheas too. My tummy feels bettur now!

I gots new toys! We all gots a tunnel, 4 sparkle ballz (stars fave), a kickaroo, an jelly chewy toys! I like the chewy toys bestest so far. They are nommy. That eevil red dot is back too. That bugger reely sneeks up on me when my playtime blankey is out! :/

We haff been practising on my dizzeeness. Mom puts me in high places an holds me. It makes me wobble fur a bit, but then it goes away. I get to be up on the cowsh now an the bed too. Laat nite i sleeped on mommys lap for a while! It feels good to be like the other kittiez sometimez.

I see my Dr on munday fur lazer and needuls. Mom had her needuls today an is restin now. Mom sayz i haffta be not so spunky affur needuls cuz i tense up again MOL. I feel so good affur that i haffa show mom i can pouns reel far! =^.^=

Iz almost playtimez! I should go snuggle an purr at mom to let her know.

I haff learned diareeah…


So this week I gotted the diareeah. Mom had to call my Dr cuz it didnt go away in a couple days. Mom kept me inside sins friday, she finks its cuz i eet the stickz outside when she doesnt look. I wont let her know she is rite. We haff a mountin ash tree, an thats poisin fur kitties so mom alwayz tells me not to eet the berries an little stickz, but lets face it.. they taste good an so i swallow before she can get them away. Nom noms! I dont fink ill eet them again tho cuz i really dont like diarreah. Iz.. not so fun. So mom is keeping me in until the bad poops go away. 🙁

We haff had so much tunder and heet! We haff warnings again today for bad wether. I couldnt find a hidey spot last nite at 3 when we had tunder booms. Even my bruddur and sistur were runnin and they went to go save mommy. They kept her safe all nite!
I am haffin heets rite now too, so i am just cooing an lookin fur a boyfurend rite now. Oh, an sleepin. So i know it hasnt been good videohs. I am busy getting into too much trubble rite now.
I should go bite the dog an see if i cant get him in trubble.

Finally get to do diaree!

I couldnt do my diaree because we haff had so many storms an rain and floods! So mom said it was ok to pounce onto the computer an do my diaree reel quick before storms move in again.

Mom told me about a poem dat was written by Edgar Allan Poe all about a Raven, because there is a raven who yells at me when we go outside to play an so now I cant go outside much to play because he scares me so bad my body tenses up an i just lay there. I told mom to tell Edgar that nobody should write poems about mean birds or people! She laughed at me…

I was doin heats this week, so I had to pee on the floor an let the boys know I am here. It hurt moms back an neck she said cuz she hadda clean it. She put that diapurr thingy on me again, an I pulled the tabs and yanked it off. I don’t need a diapurr, I am sure she may get the hint sometime soon.
Mom tried to do pikshurs with me a few days ago too, and i RAN. She says she wants them fur some calendar or something but I hate pikshurs so its not like i am gonna stop and smile fur her. She said she wuz happy with what she got or something… i wasnt listening, I had ants to beat up, and mouse toys to eat.

I haff a Dr app on Monday, so mom is gonna talk to my Dr and see if its ok to share my food recipe. A raw food diet is very special, an it has to be done perfectly, and has to haff the right vitamins and right amounts. A lot of people say it takes lots of monies and mom should buy it offline but her words are “how do i know whats in it with all these recalls?! I make her food so i know whats in it and that she gets what she needs everyday, properly” because I guess people make raw foods online but unless you know the right amounts of stuff, you could be hurting your pets. Pets wiff medical problems need diff stuff too, so it is sort of made just for me, its MeridaMade brand food! MOL

Catfacts I haff learned…

I just wantid to share some of the stuffs i have been learning:

Cat facts by Merida

1) When using da potty, DIG DIG DIG! China isn far, so try to dig to China an make sure you make a big BIG mess while you do it!

2) Hairballs are bess to puke at nite. Mommees and daddees step in them and go EWWW. It makes me MOL

3) Pretend you hurted yourself. Limp, or pretend you cant walk, and stuffs when they look at you. Yous get SO much luvs if you do this! Sometimes, even treats!

4) Scream when yous are alone. They come running! When they come running, make sure to purr an roll around reely cute.

5) If yous dont like the food, do a hunger strike. Then, they gives you bettur and new foods.

6) You haff claws fur a reason, so make sure to use them when they are trying to make yous do things yous dont wanna do. They back off quick an yous get to do whatever yous want again!

7) Complain an get them to clean the potty more than one time a day. We dont needa be walkin in the ickies.

8) Scream an yell a few times a day fur nothin. They give you treats an extra luvs

9) You haffa be messy when you eat too. Then maybe one time, be clean. You get treats

10) Try an keep your mommy or daddy on YOUR schedule. Theirs doesn work.

I can tell you, i saw my Dr on Monday an she finks i may be walking this year. She says the akupunksur is doin reel good! I don haff the spazm in my neck no more, or my low back. I also gained muscle tone in my back legs cuz i go outside an mom walks me more. She says it hurts her back an neck but i hurt too, pfffft mom is weak!

We haff so much flooding near where I lives, I needa check in on my furrpal Hector the livershunt cat, cuz he lives where the reel bad floods are, in southern alberta. Our river in edmonton is getting high an we haffa watch it. Mom has emergensee kits just in case, but we live on the high part so we should be ok. But even roads are flooding in the city. I cant go out as much cuz it rains, so I haffa play inside but it SOO borrin! Mom cant work on my auction stuff so we watch cartoons, do walkin, an have playtimez on a stupid blanket. Is really not the same. But she takes me to see the birdees from the bedroom window, they fly SO fast by the window! I am growin my whizkurs back too so my balance is gettin a bit better, not as much circles. Ugh, those make me dizze!

Its food time now, I promised mom if she took me outside before the rain I would finally eet my breakfast. =^.^=

PS – Mom lied. She bought more braclits, so we haff 100 more to support wobbly cat love! She is funny MOL


Tornados, tunder, an hail?! OH MY!

We hadda putt off diary because we had tornados yesterday. It was SO scaredy. Loud booms, an bangs. I was shaking so bad, but mom holded me an had me in a blankey to keep me safe.


I was tiny a year ago


Mom is gonna giff me chicken she says an maybe a new mouse! We cant do anything special for my birthday because mom and dad have appointments to see the lawyer and to see some houses that said us pets can come along too and live there. Paws crossed for luck for them today! its ok, i don’t mind because mom said i need to be humble.. an that means not being greedy or spoiled she says.

I am so dizzy an tired an i cant tell mom why. All i know is when i wake up, i am so dizzy! if I lay down its not ad bad, but when me an mom go walkin then i start doin circles with my head, then my eyes do circles too an my tummy feels icky. Its not fun, an i hope it goes away soon, its no fun sleeping all the time! I got stuffs from the Dr for icky tummy an it helps.

Mom made me another catnip sock toy, it crinkles and is full of… CATNIP!! MOL I love those. They are really fun. I think she made it fur me to make up for putting a diaper on me. YEAH, she did… she put a DIAPED on me. I don’t know what she was thinking. What am I? A month old?! Pfff… Even at a month old I could use the potty. I just need to make sure the boys know where I am when I am having heats, its not a big deal.

Did you see my outside videos?! I ask mom every morning after breakfast to go outside. Sometimes I don’t even let her drink her coffee MOL. It is SO much fun out there though! I get to dig, OMC DIGGING IS SOOOO GREAT!! I get to pounce too and it doesn’t hurt as much. I did a hand stand the other day, mom said I held it good. The birds bug me though. We have a really big black bird and he yells at me from really high up. I can’t catch him, so sometimes I yell back. If he ever comes at me, ill eat his feathers! He is so mean doing that and chasing the other birds away. He is SO noisy!

Ohhhhhh yeah, its outside time!!

HAPPY MY BIRTHDAY, download my wallpaper if you want:

What a grate week!

I had such a grate week dis week! It was all sunny out, an mom asked my Dr if I coud go outside an pway, an she sed YES! So, mom has been takin me out almoss evuryday now an I get to eet grass, an chayse beez an antz. Yous shood hear da birdeez! SO NOIZEE! I wan to chayse them cuz they flewed rite by my heed. I did a hop an tried to pownse it! Hehe

Mommy is so bizee doin stuffs fur my burfday. She is maykin fings so we can sell them an send monies to more cats like me to get reel help. Some need savin like me, an some juss need a home beefor they get a big sleep. I hopes yous all will reely luv what she is doin! She put calendur on hold, tryin to get pikshurs of me for it an stuffs so she can finish all my burfday stuffs.

I gots a messige from the ownur of Cat’s Relfections, an he asked if he cood do a bio on me. I told mommy an so mommy gotted a hold of him an sended him my bio fur his faysebook page! It seemz mommys awareniss is werkin! She is reedin storeez too of Drs who lissen now when peepuls bring kitteez to them wiff problems an infurmaition. So she smilez more now.

I am haffin heets now too so I am gunna go curl up an haff a nap. Mom sez she will turn on spellchek for my diaree, I dont noe how.

Iz diaree day! Horray!

I am gettin to likes dis more an more I fink!
Dis week haz been soooo egg siteing! I gotted new toyz mommy made fur me, i gots some of my old toyz back too! Mom founded my hockee beed ball. I waz SO happy!!!!!! =^.^= We pway ball hockee alotz now, like free or fore  timez a DAY!
Mom said i needa be practisin my spellin a bit more, but i sleeped instead. Practisin is BORRIN! She would come ovur to me an i would clows my eyez an be likez “i be sleepin”. So she would go do udder stuffz MOL.
I haff been gettin to go outside too!!! I luvs to skrash da grass an OMC rolling in da dirtz is WAY fun. Mommy facepaws when i do dat, so i do it all da timez. Hehe. I dont eet much grass, iz not so nommy.
I been makin it to my potty all by myselfz almowst all da time. Sometimez when i haffa go REEL bad o haffa yell to mom to help me gets ther fast!! But mom sayz she is reely prowd of me.
I been tryin to walkz agin. *sigh* iz just so hard an i wanna go NOW to chayse an powns ya know? I am doin good cuz i can do 6 stepz an only fallz on my bum. But… I can eet BY MYSELFZ NOW! I been doin it evuryday now sins my videeoh.
We will haffa see what nex week bringz. Maybee ill be walkin!

I been feelin good!!

I gotted my akupunshur done dis week, I did good an had needulz where we never could put dem befor. I laid der and I purred loss, my Dr didn find an owie spot dis time eedur! She sez i am doin good an haff no more in flamez areaz.
Also, mommy haz been takin me outside now evuryday! Iz SO mush fun cuz ders birdeez, an grass, an stickz, an da ball of lite is reely warm. I luvs it so mush! I pownsed today and rolled. Teehee! Mommy said i wuz so covered in grass.
I been doin walkins by myself and eeting by myselfs too! Mommy makes sure I get lossa sleepz, dark and quiet timez, an we don’t pway hard like we used too. She also doesn’t let me bonkz my head on da floor. She sez iz workin! I am so eggsited to be takin some stepz again. FINALLEE!
Mom is sendin out my brayselets tonite fur peepuls who ordered some, an she has been tryin to find what we can do fur my burfday too. My burfday is comin, yayayayaya! I will be ONE yearz old!


Lazy Cat Dayz

Me an mom haff been kinda lazy. I haffint been feelin too good, im pretty tired an mommy hurted her back again. Iz pretty bad, she boo boo’d da nervz again an so she getz pancreez pain, gallbladderz pain, an she haz to curl into a ball an ice or heet her backz. Poor mommy!
My hedz keeps heetin up an it makez me pretty seepy, so i been seepin a bit more. Exept when mom and dad moved da carpitz outta da hows. (Cuz it smelled like pee pee, i dont know why MOL) an so i gotz hardwoodz now and iz so mush fun cuz i can slide on da floor when i push from da cowsh. Mom callz it floor surfin MOL! Iz SO mush fun. Mommy laffs cuz i coo at her upside down an den push an surf. Teehee! =^.^=
I am bored wiff safe playroomz. Iz just, i dunno… Deres no good stuffz up dere. But mom letz me go asplorin upstairz everee mornin. So dats fun. I also been helpin mom get my nomz ready too.
I need my akupunshur. My neck iz bad mom sez. Maybe datz why i dont feel so good.
Ewwwwww Alastar jus lickeded me! I needa go bite him now.
Xoxo Merida

Cats get depressd too!

I haff not been feelin like doin mush. I am sad cuz i cannot walk like Knigget. He doesn wanna pway wiff me mush either. Some timez it getz to be a lot cuz deres alotta fings I reelly wanna be coin, an I cant so it just seems bettur if i just seep loss and pretend nobuddy cares.

I am over it now. I was jus reel mad and sad lass week an it felt like everyfing juss reely sucked!!! But I am back to doin stuffs now. Mom sez dat if we can keep up wiff fings dat she knowz i can do dis, but I haff to try too. She won’t do it fur me, an I haff to pick up my slack an not flip flop when I can be tryin to walk. She sez too I haff to slow down or else i won’t be able to walk cuz I go too fass and get dizzy and fall ovur, but den i am reel dizzy for a long time. If I go slow, it givez me time to calm down my dizzies and not get so dizzy. I hate dat she is right ya know…

I had my CT. Mom LEFTED me at da clinic. She handz me ovur to some lady who didn even hold me right so I kept feeling like I wuz falling. Mom put speshul instrucshuns on my papers. So den, they used a buzzer masheen on my arm an my fur was GONE! GONE! I wuz already mad mom lefted me, so I jus sat dere an took it, but OMC!! Affur dey buzzed me, dey putted a pokey in my arm. It hurted 🙁 I felt a cold tingle an den i wuz reeeeeeeel seepy. When I woked up kind of, I was in dis big noisy box an den I don’t remember mush until I seed mom, I think it was mom… I couldn see very well. Den I remember we wuz home an I had seepies in my box bed. I wuz sooooooo tired fur sooo long.

I haff been tryin to do da stairs. Mom gets mad at me MOL. I like to make sure mom duzzen half the camra on me too an den i RUN. Ohhhh ya, I RUN. Iz so funnee cuz mom iz like OMG OMG you lil turkee why cant yous do dat on cam!? MOL MOL

Mom told me you guyz all gots yer cardz too! I am so happee!! Mommy was gunna keep my bracelets till my burfday but i told her not too, I sed you all wantid one sooner. MOL. So yous all can go to my website an buy ones if you wanna. My burfday is soon, an mom said I should be eggsited! She is funny.

Oooo I gots to go cuz i heard da lunch beep from da microwaiff!!

Bizzee bizzee!

Me an mom haff been doin loss sins she gotted her computur back. If you sawed my facebook, my eestur cardz came but dey came late and dey made mistakes! But mom sed we should giff dem away still, so make sure you go to my facebook and comment on da eestur card pic an den Friday I am gunna draw randomz!

I cant tell yous what we been doin, but I haff been practisin alot on twittur fur my spelling loss lately. Iz gettin bettur mom sez.

Did you see my facebook videeoh where i wuz cleenin? Den mom shoffed da camra in my face. *facepaw*

I haffa go! Iz fizzeeoh time!

Eestur Week Update!

Da Dr gave mom some new herb for me. We tried it, an.. ya.. I doent like it! It made me mad, an I looked like a CH kiddy! (Not dat CH kiddies are bad, cuz dry are super good!) But it made my head do circlez, an shake A LOT! I gotted dizzee, an had an icky tummy feeling. Mom em

I found a new hidey spot
I found a new hidey spot

aled my vet and told her. Itz a good herb for dizzeez, an nerve stuffz. So mom and da Dr say iz weerd dat it did dat to me. I dunno..

Mom an I had a tawk an she made me work on my typing. She said dat mashing da keys… peepul cant reed what I rite. So I had to practiss A LOT dis week to make it bettur! Mom was mean and turned spellchek off to on me! So I practissed a lot on Twitter, an now my wordz are bettur!
We had a tawk about fizzeeoh to. She sez we are doing da wrong stuffz now cuz I haff enuff mussels in my legs, but I dont haff enuff in my tummy to stan up an walk, or pee wiffout stretchin my legz out as long as I can. So we worked some more on diffrent fings an she found stuffz dat workz fur me! So we do dat now. She givez me cami meal again too! Iz so relaxin, an I can walk bettur to!

I put up my eestur dinner videeoh. Did you all see it? I got to haff carrot, chikin, stuffinz, an OMC GRAYVEEEE

I got cards fin the male from Auntie Sandra & Coopers Cats

EEEEE!!! So nommy.

My new website iz up too! fanks to Vicki! It haz my diaree on it, an my live twitter and facebook feedz too. Mom is gunna make more wallpapurz. I won’t sit still fur pickshurs, hehe! So moms been haffin a hard time gettin wallpapurz made. MOL!
Mom iz mad cuz she ordered eestur cardz an dey still aren’t here. She waz gunna send dem to peepul who doenayted beefor eestur. She wuz sad about it too, so I kissed her lotz an said it wood be ok cuz you guyz wood understand.
I wanna say to how mush I really luvz how much you all care. My doenayshuns are gettin close now to what we need. Mom iz gonna put some of her money in too of course. She alwayz does.
Mommy did another interview too! She sez it will be out prolly on Sunday. Go mommy!
Just sit-in’..cuz i can do dat now!

Looking forewerd to eestur!!

I had my apoinmen on Munday. We did kold layzur ferapee akupunshur, an kyrow. Mom also gived me my mew herb to try owt an it wuz ok bud i wuz reel dizzee afur. Mom finks it will ged bettur in time cuz it mayde my eyes not wiggul anymore! It did mayke my hed go in surculs doh. So.. iz ok, bud not so good.

I am preddy mad at evreewun rite now cuz i am sore an mom wans to wok me an cuddul me, but i jus bite her cuz she needz to noe dat i doent wanna be tushed rite now, bud she sez if i keep not woking dat my legz will get titer an stiff. I doent beeleef her. She gived me my herb for owcheez, so i am gunna seep lots an feel beddur later.

Mom an I spended time on da net an we fownd da purrfect gif for peepul who haff donated. Mom iz mad cuz we ordured an iz still not heer, so she kawled today an gived dem heck!

Moms been tryin to ged me to do a fotoshoot but i wont, she sez iz fur my websyte an stuffz, but i am not gunna sit still or sit in preddy pozez! Commmmmmmeee onnn mom.

I eeted lidder dis mornin to, i doent fink mom noews dat, hahaha! It wuz paybak cuz she tryed to put dis fing on me dat hoelds my hipz, an i wuz lyke I DOENT fink so!! So I bited her and she tryed agin, she duzzen evur giff up, ever!

I heerd dat eestur is comin an dere will be lossa bunneez. I eeted bunee wunse.. he wuz good!


OH MY CAT!! Knigget wans to pay chayse! I haffa go!!



Bad week, bud iz ok

Dis pass week haz been crayzee! Mom gottd her compootur fized. Dey laffd at da stor cuz dey say dey nevur evur see anyfin lyke it, bud moms hard dryv onlee werkz wen yew tern it upsyd dowen! So she gottd hur compootur baks now, but den dadee got da flew and mom hadda do evreefin arownd heer an den she got da flew an we coodn pway. She wuz soo sik. I faut it wuz ok i snuggl her but den she sed she wuz full of mewkiss an i didn wanna get mewkiss diseez! i hid undur da cowsh loss. Bud den, i startid haffin heets, so i peed on da floor tew let da boyz all noe i am heer. Mom was reel REEL mad! She wayks up to my pee spotz evree mornin an she kleens dem! How ar da boyz gunna fynd me if she keepz kleenin dem up? Grrrr!

Mom lettid me haff my cannip toyz, onlee a few cuz it mayks me reelee off an i feel dizee afur. I sheerd my whizkurz an so mom woent lemme in da kishen agin. I lyke to rub on da tyle, so den i rub my whizkurz reel small an wiffowt whizkurz, i ged dizee.. reel dizee an wok in sirculs.

I see my Dr on munday, an mom is reel egsytid. I am kynd of egsytid too cuz i reely luvs Dr Marshall. An i ged to asplor da klinik too, i luv asplorin! Mom sez she is guna tawk tew my Dr abowt my xrayz an mom askd if my Dr wantid a seedee of my reely old videeohs so she kan see dat i wuzen showin CH an she sed she wood luv to see dem all to go ovur dem am see wot she kan see medikulee. Shes so good to me an mom!

My mewest fing is dat i wanna fowwo mom evreewair she goez. I will mayk LOSS of noiss until I kan see her agin wen she leevs a rewm. So now, mommy tayks me wiff her! So i ged to go evreewair wiff her now! She karreez me intew da kishen, an da bedrewms, an I kan eevun see owtsyd cuz I am high up!! Sumtymz doh I ged dizee frum beein hi up in moms arms. She noes doh and helpz da dizee stop. She is reel gewd to me!

My mom is reel REEL grate tew me, and so ar all of yew wiff all yer grate doenashuns to help me git da help an tessz I need so we kan mayk me bettur. Yew guyz ar pawsum! If yew haffen red it, mom did an inturvew fur a blog at LiveLoveMeow. Dere is so mush mor mom duz fer me dat she didn say, bud if yew nevur reeded it, heer is da link tew it:

Yew shood reed hur offur blogs tew, dey ar grate!