Angels among us

I got these grate toys today, an as I was playin with my cool spring things I heard what sounded like mommy cryin! I listened again, an I was right. Mommy was cryin 🙁 So I said from behind the couch “mommy! Are you ok???? Mommy??” she stopped fur a second an came around the couch to come see what i needed, but i said “no mommy i dont need anything, whats wrong mommy?” I rubbed my face against her ankle an purred. She sat down on the floor with me an put me on her lap an hugged an kissed me. I rubbed her face an tapped it and then she said this to me:
“Merida, you remember when you hurt yourself and you struggled SO hard all the time and you JUST made it by everyday? That is how mom and dad have been feeling for years now after the car accident, especially after losing our baby, with one tragedy after another and we struggle every day really hard and we JUST make it by. It makes you tired all the time doesn’t it sweetie?” I purred an licked her tears. I grabbed her arm and started giving her more kisses than anyone gets in years!!! Then when I was kissin her, she said:
“Remember when mommy came and scooped you up out of the very hot grass Merida? You were really scared and didn’t know what was going to happen, did you? But I didn’t give you a choice and I took you home with me. Everyone called me your angel, and I know you feel that mommy is your angel, don’t you sweetie? Well mommy and daddy just got their own angel and its a scary feeling and it makes you cry because you are so happy that words can’t say it, so you cry and the tears are better than words. I know you get it Merida.” she scratched my whiskers and I couldn’t purr loud enough to say how happy I was then an I GOT IT! That was what mom was feeling!!

Mom went on to esplain to me that an angel had paid ALL of our bills that piled up from dads injury, an stopped the nasty regular phone calls fur monies. It was lots of monies! She said that angels were very very rare, but they are out there an she vowed to pay this forward somehow. She isn’t sure how yet because she always does everything she can to help anyone, an anything furry too MOL. So I told her she will figure it out, I believe in her that she will find a way. She rubbed my nose, an I curled up in her lap for a nap… with her sitting on the floor. MOL!


Angels walk among us. They may not have wings, and may not fly. But they slowly are changing our world for the greater good. Dedicated to all the angels out there who do things to help or make society a better place for all.

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