A grate vet date!

I said I would put in my diarre how my vet date went. It went so good!! Mom put me down as we checked in an I went to my exam room (you can see how i do that here an i waited fur Dr.Marshall to come see me. She said Hi and I comed and purred up on her an rubbed my face bein all cute. She fixed my neck, back an hips fur me an she even walked me around too like mommy does!! She was holding me an i walked her all around the room MoL!

Jen was really happy. Like REALLY REALLY happy! She says i am doin the best she has ever seen me do! My eye jitters are almost gone 100%, i do spready toes with my feets now (ya even my back feets!), almost all the fluid behind my eers is gone, my colon feels like its starting to heal up a a bit, my coat is silky shiny smooooooth, an i am what they call at the office “full of P&V”. Full of piss an viniger, i did tell them I didn have to pee tho. I have no clue.
Mom put me down to pay after an i tan away without a sound! Jodi the tech tried to find me an it took her a bit. She was amazed cuz i made no sound on the hardwood doin flip flops to go explore after treatment, thats cuz i actually walked most of it. She giggled cuz im still a stealthy ninja cat, even tho i am wobbly!
Don’t furget we have bracelets too fur sale! PayPal $8USD per bracelet via [email protected] an we are still accepting any donations fur my medical treatment fund and also fur living expenses with mom an dad BOTH being seriously hurt an unable to work. Hoping dad heals soon!!!

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