Healing continued

Mom says my spay belly is looking really good. I see my Dr next week and she will tell me fur sure, not that I don’t trust mom. Ok well I don’t sometimes! That is only because she tells me stuff is good fur me and it tastes yucky or hurts.. like fisseoh!
The weather has my ears a mess. I am so wobbly and tired lately so I don’t play too much but I sure do love snuggles and belly rubs now since I got spayeded. They make me so happy that I purr so hard my nose is wet and I drool now! Its kinda funny, but mom wipes my chin fur me. Its good to make her feel needed right?
There just isn’t much to tell. We are practising climbing an walking again. My legs and ears say no but I push through it because then I get to go where the big cats go and chase them. Well, try and chase them. Dad says I try real hard and one day‚Ķ I WILL catch Star! MOL

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