Healing up

Mommy talked to the vet today because I sometimes have trouble peeing, but the vet says i should be ok in a bit. Its from my spaying and swelling.

I got to go outside and sit in my playpen! It was real nice, and then there was a birdie on the feeder next to me, I FROZE so he didnt see me move! I got to see him eat. I was THIS CLOSE TO A BIRDIE!! —> <—- OMC it was scarey!

We had Canada thanks giving this weekend, but we all didn’t feel good so we didnt do anything much. The weather was cold windy, and me and mom were so dizzy. Moms tried to fix a furends computer but she felt too icky so we all just snuggled and watched TV and had naps. Mom and dad caught a cold.

Mom says I purr much more now, and I dont bite faces since I got spayeded. I get lonely though at night, even tho i know mom and dad are right there on the bed above me, its not close enough. So I cry a little at night, but its ok cuz mom comes and gets me and lets me kiss her and gives me scratches and kisses. She even wraps me in my purple blankey and rubs me until I get sleepy. Moms are so grate! Just don’t tell them much because then they might stop or do too much and be annoying! So its our secret how grate moms really are!

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