Heets are done, new toys and more!

I am done my heets, an I might be done with diarrheas too. My tummy feels bettur now!

I gots new toys! We all gots a tunnel, 4 sparkle ballz (stars fave), a kickaroo, an jelly chewy toys! I like the chewy toys bestest so far. They are nommy. That eevil red dot is back too. That bugger reely sneeks up on me when my playtime blankey is out! :/

We haff been practising on my dizzeeness. Mom puts me in high places an holds me. It makes me wobble fur a bit, but then it goes away. I get to be up on the cowsh now an the bed too. Laat nite i sleeped on mommys lap for a while! It feels good to be like the other kittiez sometimez.

I see my Dr on munday fur lazer and needuls. Mom had her needuls today an is restin now. Mom sayz i haffta be not so spunky affur needuls cuz i tense up again MOL. I feel so good affur that i haffa show mom i can pouns reel far! =^.^=

Iz almost playtimez! I should go snuggle an purr at mom to let her know.

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