Me an mommyz fayevrit fings!

Sinss i need my akupunshur, i am not dewin tew mush. I still pway and flippy flop arownd. So i fawt i wood show yew guys my fayvrit fings that i haz!
Fedder balls: i luvs dem cuz dey haff cannip AN fedders. Mom haz to wash me clows cuz fedders are yummy. Not so yummy wen dey ar pewk puddl on da floor doh. MOL
Mowsies WIFF tales: mom cuz off all da tales cuz i lyke to swallow dem haff and den regurgitayte dem. I lyke da way it tiklus my frowt! So i can onlee jaff nakee bum mowsies.
Terbo scrashur: i LUV it so mush! I haff a lyte up ball in it an it neffur stops mewin!! Iz so mush fun!! I eat da kardborid in da middul too, shhh doent tell mom!
My big BIG bruddur: i luv him cuz he kizzez me, and we pway nice. He pins me wiff his noes! Iz funee.
Fuzzee tale toy: i akshullee lyke da end of da stik, not so mush da fuzzee tale end. Mom laffs at me.
Eevil red dot: we haff a luv/hayt relayshunship. I luv it, but can nevur cash it. So i hayt it sumtymes.
My cat kondow hows: i get to hyde insyde and i keep tryin to clyme it but mom keeps taykin me dowen off it. She sez No Merida! No clymin cuz yew fall. So sumtymz she hoeldz me an we clyme.
Mommys fayvrit fings are:
Natures Miracle products
Me and her Tim Hortons coffee!

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