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  1. What a busy week you’ve had.You are so lucky to have a great mom.I’m really looking forward to your party too, so much that I’m calling in sick so I won’t miss it! Love you so much my beautiful Merida ❤️❤️❤️

  2. I’m so happy that you’re starting to like playing and snuggling again, beautiful girl! Change can be really hard and you had a lot of changes within a few years so I understand why you were grieving. You and all your current siblings are still getting to know each other but I bet you’ll all get more comfy with each other. The bestest part is that you all have a great Mom and you are so loving to let her take some time to feel better when she isn’t feeling well. I can’t wait until the bday party too! Happy birthday sweet Merida!!! 🎂💜 Love you!!!

    • Mom gives me time and quiet to feel better, so I think its right fur me to do the same. So some days I can be ok to have quiet nappies or walkies by myself and get my own fountain water. But I like when she helps. Its really cuz I get to spend time with her.

    • I gots a purple and green one from mom and dad and then on my birthday I got a red one and a purple one from Joanne & Penny. They sent an Amazon card and mom picked them out, but im sure they would have picked them too.